new shop: ink & peat!

i don’t typically post about shops with an e-commerce presence but i was so excited about this new store that i decided to make an exception. floral designer pam zsori just opened her first brick-and-mortar shop, ink & peat, in portland oregon! there will be a grand opening party in early september but until then, here is a sneak peek into the new shop and all the beautiful floral (and home accessory) offerings that pam will have. i’ve used pam to send flowers to friends in the area and have never been disappointed- she’s got quite a way with flowers. if you’re in the portland area you can visit ink & peat at 3808 n. williams avenue (suite 126) portland, oregon 97227 (503-282-6688) or online right here. congrats to pam on her gorgeous new shop!



What a stunning shop – Pam is one of my favorite floral designers too! I’ve been trying to find a way to get to Portland to see Ink&Peat ever since I found housemartin, Pam’s blog.


Yay! I can vouch that Pam’s shop is gorgeous. Plus she is just a nice person, which makes shopping there all the more pleasant:)


Oh I am so excited! The shop is about 4 blocks from my work…the perfect place to pop over to on my lunch. And already I am drooling over those art tiles that will match my newly made-over basement.


Yea!!! I’ve been a fan of Pam and her blog “housemartin” for a year or so now. She is the reason I began blogging!! Thanks for posting this and the beautiful photos!!


Does anyone know if there will be an online shop? I love those pillow!

Delilah Squid

Finally! I’ve seen those moss balls (4th image down) in store displays before but no store has sold them. I hope she does, as I love the way they look.


Does anyone know who makes that yellow/dot pillow in the photo?
Ink and peat doesn’t have an online webstore selling it


oops, when i asked about the yellow dot pillow i meant the tiny dot version (the one in the photo behind the bowl of mossy broccoli objects


Ink & Peat is one of my new absolutely favorite shops in town! Sometimes I will just go there for a little mood pick-me-up. Her inventory is to die for and little bit dangerous to the bank account, but it’s such a bright, sunny and beautiful place to spend some time.
Also…Oblinax, that pillow is made by Hable Construction-you will find their web-store if you google them.


LOVe this color palette and style! It’s a bit much all bunched up in these photos, haha, but fabulous in moderation.


The shop is so gorgeous. Pictures don’t even do it justice. So much good stuff there!

Fred Albert

I’ve tried taking photos in shops before and they usually suck. Were these photos professionally shot, or just the work of a design*sponger with a digital camera? What’s the trick for getting the lighting so even and soft? Oh, and the shop is great, too!


Wow! Wish I could visit the shop.
Kelly, I believe the pillows on the daybed are from Les Indiennes. Beautiful.

Kim Gray

Oh WOW, I wish i could get a ticket to Oregan! This shop looks beautiful – so much I would buy!