must watch: architecture in helsinki

d*s reader dess papadeas sent over a link to these super cool animated embroidery video by architecture in helsinki. i’ve never been a huge fan of their music but this video is seriously, seriously cool (and the song is poppy and fun). if you like embroidery, well, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Wow what a great video with accompanying music!!! I had a smile on my face the whole time! Such talent……


I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have liked the song if I weren’t watching that amazing video while listening to it. Now I want to embroider crazy monkeys all day instead of all the other things I should be doing.


haha, I love the part where the coconut takes out the pin-pong player.

great idea!


Holy cow, I would NOT be able to sew all that without getting fed up and throwing it in the fireplace. Incredible work, that.


if only the song ‘heart it races’ also had an embroidered video – i am kind of obsessed with that one…