lena corwin contest: winners!

thanks to thousands of you who voted, we now have the winners of the lena corwin printing by hand contest! here are our winners in order- thanks to everyone who entered, voted and to lena for donating her lovely pillows and signed copies of her new book!

1st place: congrats to catherine and her patterned floor! her lovely floor won by a landslide and we will definitely be sharing more of her gorgeous home on d*s soon! catherine will be taking home one of lena’s pillows and a signed copy of printing by hand.

2nd place: congrats to addie and her rock and roll prints. these were a big hit with the voting audience. addie will receive one of lena’s pillows and a signed copy of lena’s book.

3rd place: congrats to meredith and her patterned walls! meredith will receive a signed copy of lena’s new book.

4th place: congrats to ashley’s silhouette bathroom- she will receive a signed copy of lena’s book.

5th place: congrats to christine’s patterned radiator- christine will receive a signed copy of lena’s book!


i am SO happy Catherine won, I love that floor! I want to find my own wood floor to create patterns on.


Hi Grace,

Somebody please tell me how Catherine did her painted floor. It’s just beautiful.


Addie Gartland

Oh my God! This is so awesome. I can’t wait to see Lena’s new book!!!!

I won a Guns N Roses pillow at the boardwalk the other night, now a Lena Corwin pillow! This is officially the best week ever!

Thanks to everyone for voting, and thanks a lot Grace and Lena!


I am so excited to see Lena’s new book and even more excited that I will have a signed copy to enjoy!

This was such a fun contest. Thanks to Grace and Lena! Also, thank you to everyone that voted! What fun!


oh my good lord, will someone please tell me how to obtain that awesome silhouette wallpaper? Im obsessed.

Liane Tyrrel

I’ve been planning to do a patterned floor in my house and I do LOVE Catherine’s! Really special and great inspiration for my own. Love love.


Addie – Will you be making your shades available for sale? Would love to have the Ramones!


deirdre, i’m so glad you love the silhouettes! i made them and painted them on the wall by hand, so sadly there’s no easy replication with wallpaper.


ohhhh my gosh. that floor….so wonderful that I *almost* missed the ramones blinds…which have to be my absolute favorite.


I love the idea of printed window blinds! Is is possible to get details of what kind of paints etc were used to make these?