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hamptons video and design guide!

by Grace Bonney

last month we packed up a rental car and headed to new york’s hamptons- a playground for the rich and famous- but also for anyone with a passion for great design and antiques. along with our summer interns christy and lesley, we checked out our favorite shops and destinations throughout the area and filmed a little trip video thanks to our friend and videographer jimmy benedetto. we thought it would be a fun way to document our summer-staff trip and set the mood for what was one heck of a fun city guide to build. despite the torrential downpour the first day we were there we were able to check out a ton of great shops and hope you’ll enjoy this video and the following guide to design shopping in the hamptons. to view the full guide just click here, or click “read more” below.

thank you to jimmy benedetto for filming our trip and to bryan eich for the great soundtrack. *we just caught the typo at the end of the video. it’s music, not mucie. whoops!

click here for the hamptons design guide below (after the jump)…

Hamptons Design Guide

Sag Harbor

  • Dienst+Dotter: Owner Jill Dienst has curated in incredible collection of Scandinavian antiques in her Sag Harbor shop. You won’t find a lot of budget-friendly buys, but what you will find is a wealth of pieces that are worth saving up for. Our favorites included: overstuffed vintage sofas, an incredible array of vintage and antique lighting and unique finds like Scandinavian wedding chandeliers and antique goblets.
  • Reuben: Owner Reuben Shapiro (who you’ll meet in the video above) is equally, if not more, interesting than the collection his eponymous shop houses. Whether you’re looking for incredible vintage chairs, mercury glass sculptures or antique floral prints, Reuben has what you’re looking for. No trip to Sag Harbor would be complete without a visit to this gem of a shop. (25 Madison Street, Sag Harbor (631) 725-6160)
  • Neo Studio: Right next door to Reuben, this fantastic vintage shop has an incredible selection of glass lighting and tableware. (25 Madison Street, Sag Harbor (631) 725-6478)
  • Bloom + Whispers and Breezes: Bloom is a must-visit for any regular D*S reader. Owner Mona Nerenberg’s selection of European tableware is guaranteed to be a hit with anyone interested in elegant design from independent designers. The vibe of the shop can be a little frosty at times but the collection is definitely worth the trip. Whispers and Breezes is in the garden directly behind Bloom and houses an equally lovely collection of antique odds-and-ends and garden-related finds. (43 Madison Street, Sag Harbor (631) 725-5940 (bloom) (631) 725-9422 (whispers and breezes))
  • Ruby Beets: This shop is pure fun- whether you’re chatting with the friendly owners or checking out their fantastic selection of upholstered furniture, contemporary lighting or vintage milkglass- it’s a shop no one should leave the Hamptons without visiting. Be sure to check out Ruby Beets’ new line of furniture designed in-house.
  • Jed: Jack Deamer owns this gorgeous shop that’s just next door to Ruby Beets. I was in awe of the mix of pieces in the shop- a little bit of new and a little bit of old- but mostly fantastic vintage finds ranging from chandeliers found in India to gorgeous chairs reupholstered in beautiful new fabrics. Another must-visit. (27 Washington Street, Sag Harbor (631) 725-6411)
  • Youngblood: Directly across the street from Reuben, Youngblood carries vintage and antique European furniture and lighting (26 Madison Street, Sag Harbor (631) 725-6260)
  • Annyx: This main street shop carries more affordable (but slightly more country-feeling) homewares ranging from a great selection of Dash and Albert rugs to folk-art-inspired sculpture and tableware.

East Hampton:

  • Turpan: To say that I love Turpan is an understatement. This tiny shop in the middle of East Hampton’s main shopping center houses a great collection of modern furnishings and accessories. They also have a fantastic selection of personal accessories like Comme des Garçons wallets and jewelry from local NYC designers. (55 Main Street, East Hampton 631-324-2444)
  • Calypso Home: This well-known shop may have many branches throughout the Hamptons and NYC but they do have a fantastic selection of textiles, bedding and pillows. (21 Newtown Lane, East Hampton (631) 329-0033)
  • Bookhampton: Fantastic book selection. I never leave town without picking up some cook books from this independently-owned shop

South Hampton:

  • Mecox Gardens: Mecox has several branches but I prefer their South Hampton branch. They carry a great mix of new and antique furniture and have a fantastic collection of upholstered sofas, chairs and chaise lounges. And of course, garden-related goods.


  • Maison24: This brand new shop is a serious must-visit. This Bridgehampton shop houses a gorgeous collection of modern design, ranging from upholstered pieces to modern tabletop and home accessories. Opened just this summer by former Jonathan Adler staffer Allison Julius, the shop oozes great taste and is a welcome addition to the mostly high-end antique market in the area. Maison 24 really does carry something for everyone, ranging from gifts to home goods, kids, art, music and personal accessories. Grab lunch at World Pie and then walk on down.


  • Tauk: Montauk isn’t the first place I’d think to find a fantastic independent shop like this but this quiet beach and fishing town is now home to a seriously killer shop called Tauk. Opened recently, Tauk is equal parts modern (and slightly hipster) surf-shop and indie home store. I love their selection of artwork and accessories, as well as their collection of modern whaling-inspired accessories like bone jewelry boxes. Be SURE to check out their collection of artwork by Lydia Bassis– it’s fantastic. Tauk also has a Brooklyn contingent, Tauk Design, that does interior design. If you’re interested in their services you can contact Jessica Ferree right here (you can see a selection of their interiors on their website under “projects”). It’s just so fantastic to see more modern, independent work come to the Hamptons. I love antiques as much as the next girl but shops like this and Maison 24 are a welcome break from the high-end norm.

Other Fun Things to Do

If you’re a Barefoot Contessa mega-fan like me (anyone? anyone?) you’ll love Ina haunts like the Monogram Shop (owned by her good friend and frequent tv show guest Valerie), The Seafood Shop, Loaves and Fishes (be sure to check out their great kitchen shop in Bridgehampton), Mecox Farm, Iacono Chicken Farm and of course, Bridgehampton Florist owned by her friend Michael Grimm (also a frequent guest on the show). I’ll stop before I receive a restraining order from Ina’s people.

Where to Stay:

There are lots of gorgeous places to stay in the Hamptons, most of which will set you back a pretty penny. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express outside of town to save money but if you’re ready to splurge on something nice we suggest the 1770 House.

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  • oh, I was just drooling over the incredible scandinavian pieces in Jill Dienst’s weekend home [in this month’s Martha Stewart Living]. how lucky to be able to peek inside her shop too!

  • Love the video! So many cute places, makes me want to take a road trip. Dienst + Dotter looks amazing!
    (and yes, I adore Ina Garten too :)

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the video! So cute. I love this guide b/c I always feel a little intimidated by Hamptons stores…but this makes everything so accessible…Thank you!

  • Wish I’d known in advance you guys were headed out there, I would have told you to stop for lunch at Bay Burger. Nothing like a burger, fries, and a shake to get you through a day of browsing, right? Anyway thanks for the guide, I’ve only ever been to Sag Harbor but I’d love to explore the rest of the area!

  • bloom is on my list of places i have to get to. wish there were at least a web site. and i’m glad to hear that someone else is keeping ina garten’s people busy …. so they won’t be focussing on my stalking of her favorite haunts.

  • As a native, I’m loathe to tell – but, there is a hidden treasure in East Hampton called Yard Sale…you didn’t hear it from me. Oh and of course Roberta Roller Rabbit for textiles it excellent!

  • That was AWESOME! Felt like so much fun! And I’m glad you all did have fun!

    However, in the future, Grace…just tell me that there isn’t any room in the car. Do you know how long I was waiting for y’all to pick me up? ;)

    Ina? Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Add one more to the list…Francophile, Anglophile, Inaphile!

  • Looks like you all had a great time. I would love to spend a weekend perusing little shops with great taste. I especially enjoyed Tauk. They also have a nice website. Next time i’m on your coast i’m heading out there! thank for the mini-vacation.~desiree

  • this is a great list … we’ve been going out there for years and have been missing some of these shops for years! thanks!

  • Hi Reuben,

    Michael and I have decided to move to the beach earlier than originally planned, about the first of April.

    So–we’d like to know if you want to make an offer on the three pieces we’d discussed. I think we’ll be giving much of the rest of the apt. to the two sons getting married this year.

    Can you make a trip into the city to take a look this week or next? Let me know what works as soon as you can. Thanks and hope to see you.

    Lauren Fedorko
    212 893 8773 (off.)

  • Now I know where to find the best home and garden furnishings for creating good Feng Shui in my client’s home and business spaces. This was fun and informative. When is the next trip so I can come along in that mini. Thank you.