diy wednesdays: yarn vase

this is a simple project that combines two of our favorite elements about crafting: using leftover supplies from a previous project (in this case, the yarn) and reusing something that was on its way to our recycle bin (the glass vase). yesterday morning as derek and i were brainstorming ideas for this week’s diy wednesday project, he came up with the idea of wrapping a glass vase with various colors of yarn. fortunately we had a few leftover skeins from last weekend’s weaving workshop at the store, and i was able to fashion this yarn-wrapped vase out of some brown and green in a matter of minutes. since the flowers i picked up lent themselves to the ’70s rec room vibe that was going on with the brown and green, i thought this would be a good bouquet for a boy and plan on giving it to derek to keep on his desk at work this week! click here for the full project instructions or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
lauren (& derek too!)

here’s what you’ll need:
-glass vase or bottle (ours is rectangular, but any shape would work)
-double-stick tape

1. apply a few strips of double-stick tape to your vase, down the length vertically and around the top and bottom.

2. starting at the bottom, begin wrapping your yarn, making sure to stack the layers (don’t overlap) and tuck in the loose end under the first couple rounds. when you’re ready to switch colors, cut your yarn and secure the trimmed end to a piece of the double stick tape.

3. continue wrapping until you reach the top of the vase, tucking in the tail end of the yarn when you’re finished.


Hello 1972? You want your yarn vase back along with the matching Gods Eye? Right-o!

Grace Light @ Poetic Home

What a great idea! I bet this would be a hit for crafty brides looking to colorize their centerpieces. The best ideas come from re-using what we have around the house. Thanks so much for sharing!

Andrea Henriques

Hi! I’m a brazilian woman!!

I adore this blog! Very wonderful and criative! I discovery your link in brazilian blog “Cheiro de Mato”!!

Kisses and good luck,



love how you’ve made what sounded like a naff idea look cool! well done, style gurus!


This is so exciting! I am always looking for simple projects to do with clients . I am employed at a nursing facility as a activities assistant.Not only will it be fun but also very theriputic.


Great idea! It got me thinking: What else wood look good wrapped with yarn or twine or ribbon in this way?

My first idea: A very utilitarian-looking over-the-door ironing board hanger that is exposed for all to adore (not) in my small apartment. I’ve already sewn an ironing board cover in a cute fabric to help the situation. (It was my first-ever sewing project, so “cute” is a relative term.) Now, I could wrap the plastic hanger thingie in a complementary color. If you can’t hide it, decorate with it, right?

Anyway, thanks for the idea – love your blog!


Love the way your vase turned out!! Why couldn’t you do jars and bottles that way?


I do remember doing these back in the seventies. I would lvoe to find a smaller jar and wrap it with those already on a string, pearls.