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diy wednesdays: cardboard shadow box

by the curiosity shoppe

our love of knickknacks, thingamajigs and ephemera is outweighed only by our hatred of clutter. which means whenever we pick up yet another objet we’d better find a spot for it. we fashioned this mini shadow box out of a simple cardboard gift box to house a little assemblage whose contents can be changed on a whim depending on what treasures we happen to find lying about. click here for the full project instructions or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
derek & lauren

here’s what you’ll need:
-gift box with lid
-x-acto blade
cork tile
-double-sided tape

1. draw a decorative border onto the top of your box and carefully cut out with your x-acto blade.


2. trace the bottom of the box onto a cork tile and cut out with scissors.


3. cover the cork piece with a scrap of fabric, securing on the back with double-sided tape.
4. if your box is deep, you may also wish to line the inside with fabric, which you can also secure with double-sided tape.
5. puncture a small hole in the back of box with your x-acto blade.
6. insert fabric-covered cork piece into box bottom and assemble box.
7. fill with goodies and hang on a small nail through the hole in back!

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