bedding fun

when i was researching a freelance piece on bedrooms (which inspired last week’s side table post) i also found these fantastic sheets at pbteen. a little young? sure. but totally cute when paired with the right grown-up throw and quilt? definitely. click here to view the full girls bedding dept. at pbteen.

[i’d love to pair the green floral sheets above with a chocolate brown quilt or coverlet]


Loving the top two in particular. But don’t think my bf would go for any of them, hahaha… We’re going to have to find a happy medium when we finally take the (financial) plunge and get our new bed, mattress, box spring, and bedding, b/c right now our style is “old” and “masculine,” neither of which are what I particularly want to be.


Love it. Especially the middle one which is, yes, safer than the first and last ones but none the less exciting and daring. Beautiful colouration too.


I got a duvet cover in the style of the last florals, except in shades of lilac, pink and blue, from a charity shop a few years ago. About two years later I found matching pillow cases. Checking the labels, they were from Marks and Spenser in the mid-80s. I team them up with a deep imperial purple blanket and plain lilac bedsheets.

I’ll take a photo and put it on flickr!


omg! PBteen is very cool. i love all the furniture they have and because i am 14, i love looking at their stuff and putting it in my house stuff folder.