amh design + purl soho

the lovely amy holbrook sent over a link to this great diy project that the gang at purl soho completed using her needle point sketchbooks. the books are meant to be completed and customized on your own and purl decided to fully post the step-by-step project. click here for the full project and here to pick up one of amy’s sketchbooks. (ps: who can resist that hable construction bead fabric in the back? it’s one of my favorite fabrics of all time- i never get tired of seeing it)

Betsy Nelson

I’m not so sure that is Hable’s pattern back there…. theirs has a line connecting the dots… these dots also look a little too regular. I know it is a bit of minutia but I think that the designer of this fabric deserves credit and I KNOW that Susan would not want credit given to her on something that looks so…. pardon my french… computer generated.


Yeah, I’m with Betsy….seems to be a similar but totally different fabric than the Hable pattern….


The tell tale sign that this is not Hable is the regularity of the pattern. The beauty of Hable fabrics lie in the irregularity of their patterns due to the fact that they are drawn freehand.