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so cool: my dad sent me this fun link and i couldn’t resist sharing. korean artist yeondoo jung decided to bring children’s drawings to life in a series of photographs called “wonderland“. after collecting more than 1,000 drawings from south korean children between the ages of 5 and 7 he narrowed the drawings down to a small selection of favorites and staged full-scale photoshoots designed to bring each drawing to life. i love that someone decided to expand upon the raw talent of children- click here to see more of the projects. [thanks, dad!]


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I absolutely love it. I really loved his thought process in recreating the rooms.
I love how he used the wooden toy counter (abacus like toy) to fill in that space in the last photo. I don’t know if I would have gotten that, but it is so right!


I simply loved it…

it’s a fabulous project and I think I’ll go to my parents house to find some drawings I did when I was a kid and try to concretise (Photoshop) on of my dreams…. we’ll see!! ;)


the kid’s drawing of the second set says, above the flying man’s head,
“the whale has turned into a flower”.

so sweet!!


Wow, This is so creative! I’ve never seen anything like this.


You have such a cool dad :) it’s so inspiring to see the kids’ imaginations come to life!


someone brought these to my attention awhile ago.. but you’ve posted some new ones. it’s the epitome of children as inspiration. love it!


Hey the links don’t work. Can you redo them? I would love to see more of the work. Thanks!


annie, the links were working earlier. there seems to be something wrong with the artist’s site itself (maybe too many hits!) as the same thing happened with a google search. sorry for the inconvenience, but try back later. thanks!



What an exceptional & witty idea. Would love to take it (at a much smaller level) into my children’s pre-school. Great find!


These photos are adorable!! I loooove them!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


I think every child in the world should have a creative friend that could turn their art into reality…so cool…100% respect


Incredible! My mom is a professional storyteller who has spent the last 20 years traveling to schools across America. Her collection of children’s drawings that kids make for her reaches into the thousands, and she takes the time to look at all of them for this reason…kids don’t build the creative barriers that many of us “grown ups” do.


i am so glad you posted this. i saw this exhibit a year and a half ago in antwerp, belgium, and i searched and searched for it online here and there for about 8 months straight before i gave up!! and here it is! the exhibit was truly amazing, to see the photos up close was so much fun. glad to see it again!


Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing this, it’s truly inspiring and oh so much fun to look at!

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