when plain coir just won’t do

yesterday i ran into the city to look for the perfect round rug for our living room. we have an accent wall with this wallpaper and i’ve been looking for something soft that would match the lightest pale grey color in the paper. no such luck, but i did pick up this cute faux bois doormat from pottery barn. i keep opening the front door now just to catch a peek. pick up your own faux bois mat right here for $29.

[if you’re looking for more faux bois, click here. rugs? click here and here.]


I love that doormat!! I’ve been looking all over for the perfect doormat, and I think you might have found it for me



I normaly don’t like rugs at all, too scratchy for my taste, but this one is too cute not to buy, scratchy or not.


i dig it. i have a similar one outside my front door and it’s rad. my one disappointment is that with use the design gets all mucked up and rubbed off as people wipe their feet :( it lasted quite a while though, and i would certainly get another one.

jennifer g

faux bois just doesn’t get old for me! Does anyone know how West Elm rugs hold up?–I’ve been coveting that brown wood grain for some time . . .


this is a little funny but at first glance i thought this was a woodgrain cake fresh out of the oven.. i am the only one that sees this? ha