suddenly, it’s real!

one of the absolute best things about owning a store is getting emails from people around the country submitting their products to our shoppe. it’s amazing how many people are out there making wonderful things! a few months ago, we got one of those great emails—from a girl named natalie who thought might like her husband ben’s work, which turned out to be a perfect fit, and have been a huge hit at the shoppe ever since. we later found out that natalie ( is an amazing artist and designer herself (who has been featured here before), so we couldn’t have been more excited when they announced their new collaboration last week, called “suddenly, it’s real!”

so go check out their etsy site where you can find (and buy!) some of their amazing work.

-derek & lauren



Ben and Natalie are amazing! Thanks for featuring their work! We love all of it….and we love them too!
mom and dad