sneak peek: tassy of sprout home


first up today we’re featuring the home of tassy from the super cute shop, sprout home. tassy shares this railroad style apartment with her roommate cheryl in greenpoint, brooklyn. it’s all about getting creative in a small space. thanks to tassy for the sneak peek (more here!), and stay tuned for a second at 1pm! -anne

[Above: This is my bedroom. The mantle was painted gold before I moved into the apartment and has inspired me to add to the gold accents. For the most part, I like to keep my room really simple.]

This is my living room. I totally lucked out when I moved in because my upstairs neighbor gave me her old furniture – the dresser with the mirror and the coffee table. The couch is a thrift-store find for $30! I used it for a bed the first year I moved to NY. These shots really show the railroad style of the apartment as well as my make-shift room, which is really not a room at all. My “room” was formed after I got the shelving system (also from my upstairs neighbor). It’s nice having a bar area too.tassy3.jpg
Another Living room shot. Cheryl’s mom made the woven paintings over the couch. The pillow was a thrift store find. I usually don’t by pillows from thrift stores, but I couldn’t resist with this one. The palm is a Kentia palm, one of the few palms that can take low light. I love using big plants to soften corners in rooms.tassy4.jpg
This is the 2nd living room looking into my roommate Cheryl’s room. The painting was done by her friend Marilyn. . . We got to choose the kitchen color when we moved in. I love this light green which reminds me of a 50’s style kitchen. The table I got at a yard sale for $40.tassy5.jpg
My bedroom. The wall sculpture on the right was made by Cindy Loehr the garden designer at Sprout Home Brooklyn. My favorite part about my room is having a window next to my bed. It looks out into the backyard and some great birdwatching.tassy6.jpg
This is my roommate Cheryl’s room. I think it speaks for itself. She’s pretty cool.


oh I love that living room couch but it looks to very different colors in different pictures, what’s the real color?

Anna @ D16

The $30 Wegner-esque sofa is a great find! Lucky you.

I love how casual and effortless everything looks, especially the white bedspread. Really lovely. You have a beautiful home, Tassy!

p.s. Anne, could you make the Flickr set public?

Chelsea Fullerton

Where is Cheryl’s bedspread/duvet from? LOVE the print.


it’s great to see a shared apartment with such complimentary style. well done!


thanks for the comments!

the couch is a light rust orange, more like the color in the first pic.

Cheryl’s duvet is from bb&b


this wire chair – what is it called or where can i find something like that?

Michelle in Chicago

Nice Tassy!! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to stop by S/H brooklyn.