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sneak peek: something’s hiding in here

by anne


[update: i apologize for the slow loading today. i’m on the hold with mediatemple now trying to figure out what’s going on. anyone use a server they actually like?]

you know that anyone who is able to make a living making mustaches (and a lot of other cool stuff) is destined to have a great home. we got our first sneak peek into the abode of shauna alterio & stephen loidolt of something’s hiding in here with d*s guest blogger kevin of designphiladelphia, and now this dynamic duo is blowing up inside the pages of the latest issue of readymade. lucky for us, today they are sharing even more pictures with us that didn’t make the cut. and if the images below still aren’t enough to fill your fancy, check out the entire collection here. [thanks shauna and stephen!] anne

[stay tuned for another sneak peek tomorrow afternoon!]


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  • This is the most amazingly whimsical and magical space I’ve ever seen. It’s so adorable but beautiful and intelligent too. Wow.

  • So cute and fun, lots of whimsy but nicely pulled together!

    I’m curious – what is the wall treatment in the bathroom, the blue-grey faux bois. Is that a wallpaper or was that done with some kind of stencil? I love it!

  • What I wouldn’t do for a porch swing in the house… Glorious! I love the whole space, and their stunning way with pattern and color!

  • FANTASTIC SPACE!! That ikea bed (I’m pretty sure that’s it) seems to be everywhere at the moment, but it looks great whereever it is….

  • Hey girly!
    Loopshot.com has been awesome.
    They are a smaller firm than MediaTemple, but they seem to always answer their phones and to help with any issues you might have.

  • i can’t tell you how much I would LOVE a swing inside my house. Great idea! Your look and style are so unique. I am seeing the ikea canopy bed everywhere and your home makes me yet again want to run over there and get one. Dd

  • I agree, one of my favorite sneak peaks yet with so many unique, interesting, and fun (!) design touches.

  • hands down, this is my favorite sneak peak ever! love it.

    i use dogbark.com to host my site and love them. so far, so good. small company (aka – answers the telephone and cares) and i’ve never had loading issues.

  • Anyway I could find out what the lighter of the two paint colors in the first shot is? I’m looking for an off-white, soft grey with lavendar/pink undertones… just like that.

  • try rackspace.com. I was an account manager for them years ago when they were just getting started. They’re known for their customer support and reliability of their servers.

  • See I look at things like this and wonder why anyone would ever set out to be THIS hated! I mean are you kidding me with all this envy-inducing interior? This is borderline irresponsible it’s so flippin’ fantastic!

    No Grace…this was not accomplished via moustaches…this is the work of the devil. Do you think he’s still buying? ‘Cause I’m up for a little remodel ;)


  • i *heart* the deers with the books strapped on their backs. any ideas where to find something like that? it’s ingeniusly adorable.

  • Very fun spaces. A little busy for me personally to live in daily, but I love a lot of the aspects (like the swing in the middle of the room!!).

    Also, I recommend ICDsoft (at icdsoft.com). I’ve been with them for years and they’ve been SO helpful and reliable. Granted, I don’t have as much traffic as you probably do, but I’m also on their lowest plan, so I imagine you’d be fine with one of their options.

    Good luck!

  • oh, my…this home is so fabulous! i love how well it illustrates their symmetry in design style. seriously, how many other couples could agree that what they really needed above their bed was a collection of plastic deer figurines?

    it’s utterly fantastic!!

  • This is sooo inspirational!
    The porch swing kills me and I really dig the forest wallpaper mural.

  • how cool! i feel like if i just sat in that room for 10 minutes i would feel more creative!! love it, thanks for sharing

  • I love that bed + lighting combo. It would be difficult to drag me out in the morning. Oh, but the swing. I guess I could always swing and be just as happy.

  • I l o v e the feel of this out door/in door back and forth thing. I would love tweety birds and like a cool misty mossy fragrance to complete this experience +_+ Want it!

  • What I’d give to be able to wallpaper my home! Fantastic.

    And I second the icdsoft.com recommendation, I’ve used them for years for various projects and never had a problem.

  • this is just absolutely the coolest space i have EVER SEEN! i would move in tonight. love their work and such a treat to get to see their fan-freakin-tastic living space!

  • This is space defined by fantasy, and not traditional boundaries.. its almost like a showroom / stage / book that you can imagine characters walking and talking in!
    I so like the display above the bed, and the books strapped on to the deer!

  • ohhhh i would live in a closet of theirs if i could. amazing, amazing, amazing. ugh, that headboard with those deer! oh my.

  • This is fantastic. I am a huge fan of the fauxcabin, and this is the classiest fauxcabin around.

    I also love the wood knuckles. hehe.

  • so much eye candy. i feel like one could explore this little haven for hours on end. so much personality and in such a genuine endearing way. i love it!

  • quite possibly the most imaginative and unique interior decor i have ever seen, and that says a lot as i scour home decor sites all the time. really impressive!

  • Goodness. This is one of the prettiest places I have seen on here yet. So very, very creative from top to bottom. I am quite in love.

  • Anyone know where to get that blue wood grain wall paper in the bathroom? It’s amazing!

  • Amazing and inspirational. My only gripe would be the bathroom toilet and sink. In a space where every inch is designed to fit a specific aesthetic, the sink and toilet seem overlooked. Still, I am in awe…

  • So quirky and yet stunning!!!

    That porch swing makes me swoon. You can tell that they have the knack of seeing potential in castoff, everyday items..Especially love the odd details like where they stashed the TV and the little display nooks tucked in here and there.

    Well done!

  • thanks everyone… we feel the love.

    kristin, the faux bois in the bathroom is not wall paper – we painted it using a very simple plastic “wood graining” tool from home depot. all you need is two colors of paint and this tool it’s so easy.

  • I fell in love with this apartment a few years ago on Flickr. I love how it’s a loft space but they didn’t feel compelled to use stereotypical modern “loft” furniture. I also love all the painted wood furniture and I have to find out what the new blue shade on the furniture in the bedroom is, because I know that table used to be a paler blue.

    Shauna, what color did you use?

  • The television in the kitchen island has to the be most ingenious part. It takes the focus of the tv and on the room itself. I only wish I would have thought of it first. I am definitely copying this idea….

  • How long does it take to put a house like this together? I mean it doesn’t just happen over night, right? It would be nice to read about how long it took folks to get all the pieces in place. I’ve been in my home for almost a year and only two rooms feel really pulled together. How do they do it?

  • Love this space!! It’s so much fun and really feels like they’ve just followed their instincts and gone for it. Very refreshing!!!!

  • Who could ever leave an abode so fab? I love all d*s sneakpeaks, but this one deserves an award!

    PS – Just how large are those deer carrying books? Incredible!

  • When are we all moving in? Or are they doing time-shares? Or home swapping? Mine is filled with the most lovely laundry collection…

  • Where is that cute radio in the first image from?! I’ve been looking for one that looks retro and is made of wood, but can still play cds.
    What a lovely home by the way!!

  • this is A-mazing!!

    may i ask where the gingham bedcover is from? absolutely adorable

    oh, and the fabric on the swing too!

  • you are all invited over!

    for those who had questions about the faux bois wall in the bathroom… here is our how-to:

    several of you also asked questions about the gingham duvet cover… we made it using basic cotton fabric (it’s so easy).

    and stephen made the cushion on the swing by patching together parts of an old tote bag collection.

    thanks again.
    shauna (& stephen too)

  • pennyroulette

    – see the intro text to the post and you’ll see the link to readymade and additional pictures.


  • Quick question: What’s the shelving unit under the window (the one topped with those two great deer bookholders)? I need something *exactly* like that to go under a low window in my dining/sewing room.

    I guessed that maybe it was IKEA, but the closest matches there, the Lack and Expedit single column shelves (if they were turned on their sides), don’t seem to have legs like this. Any clues?


  • leah, you are right. we used two units turned on their sides and added legs (also ikea)!
    have fun.

    several of you asked about paint colors. we have our colors custom mixed at home depot and here are the formulas…

    lt blue (walls, swing & faux bois):
    colorant 0Z 48 96
    D thalo green 0 19 1
    E thalo blue 0 16 0
    L raw umber 1 45 1

    dk blue (furniture & faux bois):
    colorant 0Z 48 96
    B lamp black 0 24 0
    D thalo green 0 24 0
    E thalo blue 0 5 0
    KX white 0 28 0

    thanks everyone,
    shauna & stephen

  • the faux-forrest motif is a bit too much for my tastes, but that certainly is a fabulous apartment. i love how they embraced the openness of the space rather than trying to partition it.

  • One of the coolest apartments I have ever seen! I love the collection of deer and the living room porch swing! Really lovely!

  • this and the denyse schmidt sneak are my faves. i keep coming back to look at the furniture! i love painted queen anne legs. :)

  • this place is like magic. it really really is super awesome. well done guys. one day when i grow up i want to live in a place just like it.

  • i’ve seen these pictures on Flickr and i think the house is amazing…. so much warmth and comfort in the design and colours. Love it all

  • LOVE IT! The woods wallpaper is awesome! I also love the sofa and chair! The swing and fabric on the cushions is sweet!

  • I’m a bit late with a comment but I had to mention the paint by numbers foursome in the bedroom. My mom did the same grouping in the 70’s. I wonder if she still has them? Mass production is interesting: how many kits were sold, how many completed?

    Really nice place!

  • This place is a hipster heaven! It’s as if it was a livable version of urban outfitters. Love it. :]

  • this is most definitely one of my favourite sneak peeks! WOW! such a unique space i love it so much. amazing job!

  • I just checked out the new bedroom pics on flickr (as per link in first paragraph of this article). Does anyone on designsponge know where those wonderful vintage fabrics were sourced from??? The spotted pillowslips and the floral duvet cover??