sneak peek: rebekah of sigfrids design


our second sneak peek features a 1930’s residence at the historic grasmoor in cincinnati, ohio. the goal of rebekah sigfrids and her design team of aubrie hensler, mike dereix, mom – donna sigfrids (as favorite antiquing partner)  – was “to create an earthy femininity by balancing soft modern furnishings with time worn primitive finds.” you can click here for more images of rebekah’s condo, and as always, all the sneak peeks can be found here for inspiration (and if you still need help, call on rebekah sigfrid’s studio). [thanks to rebekah for showing off her latest project! ] -anne

[above: I love the contrast of the classically modern black marble Saarinen table against the raw wood chairs. The chairs pull out the color of the very old and clearly adored buffet. I love the feminine modernity of the silk screened canvas by Jenny Sauethat is paired with a photograph by Lightleaks.]

I am not ashamed of my love of watching a little television (mostly Barefoot Contessa) after a long day. We composed the television with a clouds canvas, a photograph by Lightleaks (purchased on Etsy) and rustic antique finds on top of IKEA media storage units.

The last time my sister was in town we spent an entire day on this B&B Italia sofa: reading, napping, chatting, watching Darjeeling Limited and drinking coffee that later shifted to cocktails. The photo above the sofa is by Madelaine (purchased on Etsy).

We wanted the bedroom to have a barefooted sense of elegance. The long primitive church pew is where I sit to put my shoes on… and, I’ll be honest—it is also a great collector of all the clothes I considered wearing but then decided against.

Light filters beautifully through the big old trees outside the windows of this room, so the space required little more than a beautiful modern bed (Elemento) with a billowed duvet (anthropologie) and an old trunk that holds lots of books.
I was originally attracted to this 1930’s residence at the historic Grasmoor in Cincinnati, Ohio because of the elegance of its formal layout and its’ petite but gracious size. We sanded down the original parquet floors to reveal their natural color and protected them with a custom white tinted sealer. Throughout the residence this washed effect on the floors is paired with foggy shades of white.
The bath combines modern plumbing with herringboned white carrara marble and gold accessories. The bird painting in the foreground was created by my Mom; the bird sketches in the pair of gold frames are by the very talented Mike Dereix.


I am seriously in love with the marble bathroom wall. I like the use of warm gold frames against the coolness of the marble too.


This is lovely; not contrived and so very well balanced.


What an amazing house. You have my dream sofa! I’ve been wanting the B&B Charles sofa for some time.


I LOVE the light over the table. Where is it from? Thanks!!


I am curious. What is the picture/print on the cabinet in the sixth picture down (2nd to last)? I’m an artist and the basic visual of it inspired me and I’d love to know what it was called and possibly get a closer look at it.


This is just lovely. The simplicity and earth tones are so soothing. I want to vacation here.


oops! Sorry…I just noticed that it was in the first picture as well and that you did mention what it was. My apologies!


wow. wow. wow.
i love it. the modern furniture integrates so gracefully and naturally. it’s spare, clean, and minimalistic – not overcrowded, and full of texture. i adore the pairing of the wall mounted tolomeo lamp and trunk. siiigh.

R. Robyn

This is probably the most beautiful home I’ve seen so far. I love the contrast of old and new, and how it blends so well. I’m going to save this one and hope to make my house this beautiful one day.


This took my breath away, so understated and classy, it’s gORegous.


There’s a comfort there-like everything has a story to tell. I love that your mom offered some touches, and that you welcomed it!


I really like the Ikea storage unit. Which one is it? Is it still available?


Lovely, lovely, lovely! It’ s not this style vs. that style, but a beautiful and sentitive personal vision. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Everyone has said it so well — I just wanted to add my voice to the others, and thank you for this set of beautiful images which really made my day. Absolutely gorgeous. Loved this home.


What a lovely home. Where is the bedroom rug from? I’ve been looking for a stripe like that for some time.


where is the light fixture over the dining table from? beautiful, elegant home.


Oh, wow!!! Not only am I pleased as punch that Cincinnati is getting some much-deserved D*S love, but it’s great to see the work of a local studio that’s new to me! Kudos, everyone! I love the seemingly effortless eclecticism of the space, and that you really used widely varied sources for the furnishings and accessories. The parquet floor is a lovely surprise, too! I’m blown away by how beautiful and inspiring these photos are! Thanks for sharing!


beautiful house! i would love to know where you get all of your rugs. they are all so beautiful and simple.


I also live in Cincinnati, but I have no idea what Grasmoor is… Guess I’ll have to look it up!

I’m loving the 2nd photo.

Get Togetha

Beautiful Space. It has a great light and airy feel! I also love Barefoot Contessa. She’s such a snob; and someone to aspire to…lol

Carol Swingley

Absolutely gorgeous and soothing. I can’t believe this is the same condo I saw only months ago shortly before you moved in. It is definetely REBEKAH!


Would love to know where that lighting fixture over the dining table is from. I have been searching for over a year for the perfect one for my home…I think that one is it!!!

Aunt Debbie

Becka, it is beautiful – you have inherited to joy and love for the “old” but pair it so beautifully with the new! It is so simple & clean – a great job!

Liane Tyrrel

Bee-u-ti-ful! I have a commode with similar black marble top and a wooden chair identical to the one near the tv. I love combining old and new and especially appreciated seeing the artwork collected from etsy! I’ve started my own collection and find wonderful things there.

Rebekah Sigfrids

thank you so much for the lovely comments… here is some info on a few of the pieces/finishes:

The dining room paint color is Benjamin Moore, Brushed Aluminum, 1485

The bedroom rug is from Ralph Lauren Home (it is a few years old however– unfortunately I’m not sure if it is available anymore.)

The dining room pendant is from Foscarini– called the “Caboche”. it was purchased at Voltage

The IKEA storage units are still available– they are from the BONDE collection.

The photography is from Madelaine and Lightleaks (etsy). Their links are:



The Grasmoor is located in Hyde Park in Cincinnati. (beautiful old building with amazing landscaping)

thanks again!


What a talent to combine the old with the new. I’ve always loved antiques. This is using them in a way I would never have thought of, but definitely appreciate. Your home is beautiful!

Elizabeth W

i would love to wake up in that bed on a crisp winter morning, next to christopher gorham preferably!


I love the cloud canvas next to the flatscreen t.v. I didn’t see it on either photo website, is it available elsewhere? Thanks!


That Ikea Storage Unit is amazing. Is it still available? Lovely home, it really is beautiful. :)


This home is so elegant!

Like Susan above, I would also love to know where the cloud canvas is from. Thanks for sharing your condo!


Oh wow! It’s so great to see my art displayed in such a beautiful home. Your such a talented designer. This is really wonderful. I’m so honoued. Thank you very much, Rebekah and Design*Sponge.


Truly gorgeous and so so chic. I love to see modern furniture mixed with a rustic vibe.


SO beautiful. Rarely do I find a home I love ALL elements and aspects of. But yours I do. How much? J/k :)


Love it! so simple and homey, plus, hello, Barefoot Contessa rocks! My little guilty pleasure, now I like your living room even more…

Mike "Dad" Sigfrids

I love my daughter and I love her designs! She is talented as she is beautiful!


Everything blend so well. Its like i can smell the rawness of the wood, and so comfy & simple. And i love the Color too so natural. Plus the church pew is brillant. Adds a diff touch. Beautiful~


What a lovely place to call home! Rebekah, you have amazing talent and make it look effortless. The herringbone carrara is to die for! The church pew in the bedroom is brilliant in so many ways :)

Jennae @ Green Your Decor

I am SO pining over the light fixture hanging over the dinette table and the herringbone tile pattern! This home mixes old and new beautifully — it looks like a comfortable retreat of a home.

LPK Trends (adriane and brian)

We just randomly ran into this during trend sensing and are as inspired by your home as we are by all of your sketching that you have done for us! and Brian is really excited that you love barefoot contessa too, yes she is a snob.


Where/what kind of mattress is this?
Where is the church pew from?


beautiful home! What paint color did you use in the bedroom?


Gorgeous and inspirational!
What color is the hallway painted (in the Flickr set – it looks like dark charcoal)?

Rebekah Sigfrids

The shade of white in the bedroom and living room is Sherwin Williams “Pure White” (our very favorite shade of white)

The foyer/hallway is Sherwin Williams “Rock Bottom”

The church pew was found at Miller’s Antiques in Lebanon, OH. The dining chairs were found in Waynesville, OH. (Lebanon and Waynesville, Ohio are great antiquing towns)


Where did you find the rug in the bedroom? I love it. So soft yet geometric.

tina sevilla

everything turned out absolutely beautifully! i can’t wait to see it!

Lucy Gazelle

This is my favorite sneak peek of all time, too. I was lucky enough to inherit some fantastic antiques, but I find it challenging to bring them into the present. I’ve linked to AT’s post on my bedroom, which is the only room where I feel like I got the mix right so far. Your home should inspire me to keep it up!

Stephanie Brubaker

I find this incredibly inspiring. Warm, cozy, simple but not sterile, pretty neutrals, Swedish-esque….I could go on. I’m going to include a link to this house tour on my blog. It’s amazing!

Sarah White

Hurray! I was just gathering my daily inspiration at work today and stumbled across your HOUSE!!! who would have guessed! Thanks for the rendering class!


Funny, we have the same couch and the same bed in our flat. It´s nice to see how you decorate it, in particular the bed.


Nevermind my previous question – I see the bed pillows/bolsters are from DWR.

Cynthia Walker

…beautiful balance. So personal and timeless. Can I move in?……..

elizabeth s

This is absolutely stunning and inspiring. I am just waiting to have my Cabouche installed. Thank you for the many inspirations.

Where is the cow hide lounge chair? Thanks so much.


mm i love neutral places like this, it is so lovely and calming! i could never pull it off!


I love that canvas print beside the t.v. looks like an md-canvas print, they have some pretty nice designs. I came across another site that also has some really nice modern art prints.