sneak peek: jen altman


when it comes to creative people, we’re rarely happy with the status quo. today we get a fantastic peek into jen altman‘s “old” house, which is beautiful in its own right, but jen no longer feels like it’s a reflection of her. so, she gladly agreed to share both with us, and she’ll be back in a couple weeks with a sneak peek of her new and improved home (i can’t wait!). what can we say? we loved her beautifully photographed “in the kitchen with” recipe, and the color bookshelf image (as seen in the domino reader’s rooms feature), and we just can’t get enough of her! Click here for more, full-sized images and stay tuned for the transformation… [thanks so much for sharing, jen!] -anne

[Above: Living room detail.]

Living room. My seabury couch. I love black and whites with a kick of color – pink is always the color of choice in my home.

In the dining room with the great mirror.

Kitchen nook and menu board.altman5.jpg
Stove area and coffee cabinet.altman6.jpg
Detail next to stove.altman7.jpg
Office with desk that was once my mother’s.altman8.jpg
Colorful bookcase and a faerie. Framed letterpress cards by Port2Port Press.


love the “ghost” chairs! i also like how the books have been arranged by color. i do that too, except my bookcase is 1/3 that size… though with the same number of books crammed into it…

Krista Holland

Beautiful! Exquisite style. Love the nesting tables. Jen’s blog is fabulous, wonderful pictures and lovely intimate writing. Thank you for the inspiration! Krista


Any info on the artist that did those b/w paintings behind the couch? They look like abstract wings, so beautiful!


I also love the black and white flower/wing/splash painting behind the couch! And the organized-by-color bookshelf. I think I’m going to have to cave in and do that too…


The whole ensemble is just breathtaking. Boy, would I love to live here!


i want to just move in there! it’s perfect, and i’m with everyone else who’s going to cave and steal that color coordinated book idea, so simple, such impact!


Could you please share what that light blue paint color is? Gorgeous!


I love the menuboard in the kitchen… would make meal time questions in my house much easier ‘just refer to the menu’ think I might steal that idea!!!! Fantastic house, so much love gone into it….


Who would have thought of pairing a contemporary pink chair with a classic secretary? Nice generational mix. It looks great…comfy too!


How funny! I have my Tricia Guild book on top of my lucite nesting table as well… :-)


love the glass vase in the kitchen holding kitchen tools. i have been looking for something for all my stuff too, and settled on two IKEA flower vases, but they are WOEFULLY inadequate. I’ll have to keep my eye out for some nice glass like yours!!!

Thanks for the inspiration, and how I envy your home! How can it stay so nice with kids living in it!?!? Oh, maybe it’ s the faery wand that straightens out the mess?!!



love the pink spatulas :). Where is the menu board from? I’ve been looking for one and this would fit the bill. Thanks for the inspiration.


hi there! I love everything about you amazingly beatiful house but something catched my eye….that amazing lamp in your living room where did you get it or what’s the brand…. cause i’ve been looking for it everywhere ….hihi…best regards from Portugal


That pink chair is a Vernon Panton Chair, is a Mid Century classic.
Love this place!

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