sneak peek: jean of eieio



first up today we have a sneak peek into the oakland, ca “treehouse” of jean orlebeke, of obek design and the designer behind the fantastic wrapping papers by eiei-o studio (be sure to check out the awesome new digital prints too!). thanks so much to jean for opening up her home and garden for us (you can find more here). stay tuned for a second fabulous sneak peek at 2pm! – anne

The woven walnut lamp shade and the orange, white and black lacquer modular table bases are from Publique Living. I designed the fabric on the slipper chairs for Luna Textiles. I bought all of the other furniture, including the couch and table on ebay.

This is the main room of the house, the entry, living room and dining area. The house is built into a grade, so you enter on ground level, but the opposite wall is the height of a second story. Feels like a tree house!

This view is looking from the den into the kitchen. Behind the sunflowers is an Ikea wardrobe unit used as a pantry.


This is where I sit when I am feeling… overwhelmed. It’s a tiny room filled with both gifts from friends and souvenirs attached to good memories.


I am completely obsessed with collecting seeds — know exactly where each of these is from.


Mies, the A-cat…View to garden.


Oh my, I think I am in deep, mad love with this home. The colors, the wood ceiling, the fireplace (holy moly!), the open layout, the view!!! Thank you for sharing your incredible home Jean!

I would love to know what blue is on the accent wall in the living room, I’ve been hunting for a good blue.


ditmeyer: flicker photos are set to private. great sneak peek, though.


Love, love, love the seed collection! I really enjoy seeing real homes filled with real things collected by the owners.


WOW. This place is gorgeous! I am so bookmarking this Sneak Peek.


I love this house and the color palette. It feels like being inside a big ship or ark of some sort. Very col!


One of the more original homes we have seen lately! I think it’s great, your colors are your own, which is exciting. I want to steal the ceiling and put it in my apt. Is that possible?


Wonderful house, a great hiding source, the ceiling is amazing!


I would also love to know the name and shade of that blue paint — I adore it.


I will be yoinking many of these ideas when I get a chance to decorate our new house! Thanks for sharing!


So beautiful! The exposed beams and all that natural light add so much DRAMA. Definitely up there with my favorite sneak peeks.


Oh wow, I LOVE the housing photos!! And I don’t usually like rooms with slanty ceilings/roofs.

Not so sure about the seeds, though… hehehe! :P


Thanks for sharing — I love the green! Can you share the make and color?


Such a gorgeous house! I love the daylight you get through the windows in your living/dining room. I so yearn for it when it’s hard to own one that looks like that from the pigeon-holed Singapore.


The main room is really stunning– all the timbers, the large windows. You could rent this out for magazine shoots! Beautiful!

Elizabeth W

LUCKY MIES! combine long naps soaking in the sun with hours of bird watching with all those eye level branches and that has got to be ONE HAPPY KITTY!

Elizabeth W

holy crap i just looked at the flickr photos – now i’m REALLY jealous!!! your landscaping is exactly what i want for my place. do you have a professional gardener or are your plants pretty low maintenance, it’s all just GORGEOUS!!! seriously in my next life i want to come back as one of those cats!


Thank you for all of the nice comments!

The photos were difficult to take because of all the bright light outside, so either the interior or exterior looked washed out. The ceiling is Redwood, but it is darker and not quite as orange as it appears in the photos. The sofa color and the navy blue wall also look a bit washed out in the images – the color looks more accurate in the flickr photos.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of navy paint left, but I just painted the wall about a year ago and I think the name is ‘Evening Gown’. Probably Benjamin Moore.

I bought the sofa on ebay — the original fabric was so damaged that part of the auction included 15 yards the gold fabric. The seller said it was a Herman Miller wool from the 60’s.

yeah, lucky Mies! Everyday I think how good the cats have it. The squirrels have it even better — it’s the squirrel central playground!

I wish wish wish I had more time for the garden. And I wish I had a gardener! The garden gets about four hours of attention per week. All of the plants are deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, so lots of herbs, and native plants. It’s pretty densely planted, so there is minimal maintenance like weeding, I spend most of the time cutting things back and watering the veg garden. Since I am designing all day and want the garden to be a break from work, I don’t impose any design ideas on the it at all — it ends up being what the deer have left!

Thanks again!


What a fun, airy home! It’s sometimes tough to figure out furniture arrangements in open floor plans, but the groupings really work. The fireplace (a bit tough to see but look for it) has fantastic lines and a wild, free-floating kinda vibe. What I really fell in love with though was the walnut woven lamp. To my dismay, it wasn’t on the Publique Living website. Does anyone know the designer/manyfacturer? I’m completely smitten :)!

Octavine Illustration

wow. my jaw has yet to stop dropping. what an incredible space!~ i love the navy wall and the black and white carpet. looks like it should be in a museum, it is so perfectly curated. yet homey. wow, wow, and double wow.


i was blown away with the living room and to see it look into the kitchen (which is huge btw) is pretty cute.


Fabulous. The quintessential modern house–thump, thump, thump goes my heart.


All that green and glass and clear space? If I had one wish I would wish a house like this, period.