kim jenkins

joy at the modern gardener sent over these fun new hand-foiled plant labels from british artist kim jenkins. i have something of a black thumb (i’m currently trying to save a pair of beautiful clematis plants from sprout that are struggling on our fire escape) but these might inspire me to work a little harder. click here for more info on kim and click here to shop the modern gardener (you can pick up a pack of 10 plant labels for about $10).



I’m not much of a gardener myself, but I think these plant labels have a really nice touch!


Ooh might get some for my housemate who is a keen gardener, quite quirky and useful as well.

Uncle Beefy

These are fabtastic! But see now…I’m thinkin’ that you could use them for popsicles, appetizers, casual lil’ stir sticks or other entertaining uses!


A quick aside on clematis. They like moist well drained soil. Try plating them in containers with a layer of broken ceramic pots at the bottom for the drainage. I also like to mix cut up bits of new clean (non antibiotic) sponges in the dirt to keep the moisture level up. Then top the pot off with a layer of mulch and they should be good to go. Don’t expect any blooms this year, but you should be rewarded for your troubles next summer.

The Modern Gardener

Hi everyone. Glad you like Kim’s work! Note that our shipping says UK only, but we would be happy to make exceptions for these as they package up nice and small.


Cute idea! Those are nicely done. I could find about 50 uses for them, too…neat!


so stinkin’ cute. i heart these. i love that there are still so many creative ideas to be thought of. well done! i want a set for sure.


I love these – I bought some recently for a friend who is working on creating her own vegetable patch – they are so pretty – it makes me want to start gardening


They are wonderful! I had an idea! If you are going to have an eco-weeding maybe you could use them as a favor, I mean… YOu can give a plant with them, you can wrtie, for eg, Thank you, etc…