inspiration: yellow and grey

by Grace Bonney

chicago designer summer thornton has already made the blog rounds but i couldn’t resist starting the day (while i’m flying mid-air on my way to SF) with this beautiful window scene she designed. one of the things i love most about SF are all of the bay windows with incredible light. in ny we’re lucky to sometimes get tall windows so i’m always dreaming of the day we’re able to get some really big windows that flood our house with light. until then i’m going to drool over this incredible window seat full of beautiful yellows and greys. i love the yellows and greys summer used below too- it’s such a classic (yet modern) color combination. [thanks, summer!]

[ps: i’ll be traveling today but content will be posting as always- we have two sneak peeks coming up at 12 and 1 so stay tuned for those]


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