Furniture Fair

by Grace Bonney

I recently attended a conference called the State of the Craft put on by the Furniture Society in Purchase, New York that got me thinking a lot about furniture. Working at American Craft the past year-and-a-half has made me privy to some great work going on around the country so I thought I’d share some of that with you here. [image above: Cabinet by Michael Hurwitz]

Michael Hurwitz is a Philadelphia-based maker whose work I’ve become increasingly interested in lately. For many years he was strictly a studio furniture maker but lately has been gearing up for the introduction of his first (semi) production line called “Marina.” Though I’m not including images of the “Marina” line here (I thought I’d include some of his earlier work along with detail shots which blow me away) it will be on full display at the stellar furniture gallery, Pritam & Eames, in East Hampton, New York from July 25th until September 2nd. [image above: Cabinet by Michael Hurwitz detail]

Also on view at Pritam & Eames from August 1st until September 9th will be the otherworldly work of Judy Kensley McKie. McKie has been creating furniture featuring bas-relief carved and painted animal and bird imagery for the past 35 years, each piece seemingly more intriguing than the next. [image above: Griffin Cabinet by Judy Kensley McKie. Wood, paint. 21″H x 21″W x 4″D]

Out on the west coast, Dan Friedlander (who first introduced me to the wide world of furniture) and LIMN have been showing cutting edge furniture and design for over 25 years now. Lately, they have been making a push to show more one off art/furniture pieces and will be showing the work of Chicago-based furniture maker/sculptor Kathy Taslitz. All extremely interesting work that makes you realize furniture can be so much more. [Images above: Storm table (and Storm Table Detail) by Kathy Taslitz. Polished nickel-lated aluminum and blackened bronze. H17xL50xW30 in]

[images above: Armoire (and Armoire Detail) by Michael Hurwitz]

[image above: Ram Bench by Judy Kensley McKie. Indiana Limestone. 17″H x 47.5″W x 17″D]

[image above: Ivory Couch by Judy Kensley McKie. Cast Resin, Mohair. 36″H x 64″W x 28″D]

[image above: Monkey Cabinet by Judy Kensley McKie. Wood, paint. 21″H x 21″W x 4″D]

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