fun idea for kids

i saw this photo on rachel from red velvet art‘s flickr page and thought it was cute, simple and clever. the woodgrain-print lining on the back reminds me of a much more diy-version of something in the netto collection vein. it’s such a great way to spruce up a simple bookcase to fit your little one’s needs.

[ps: sarah’s guest blog post for today just went up and it’s so, so funny. gorgeous floral arrangements and funny wedding fantasy ideas. it’s a must-read.]


hey, this is easy and i think i’ve got a shelf like that, great find!


A couple years ago, my gfs fridge front was looking a little worse for wear and she wanted something to cover it up with. One afternoon at Walmart and I found her solution: wood grained sticky shelf liner, by Rubbermaid I believe. Looked great and inexpensive!!!

persian tea

this is wonderful!…you can even make a “grown-up” version to place by the front door to hold coats, shoes and umbrellas!


i love this…what a great idea. of course i’m a total sucker for wood grain anything…