diy wednesdays: stamped dishtowels

you may have seen these darling rubber stamp sets from yellow owl workshop here on design*sponge a few weeks back. well, we just got them in at the shoppe and couldn’t resist breaking them out for a little rubber stamping extravaganza. you can use these on almost any surface, but we decided it would be fun to pick up some fabric-friendly stamp pads at our local craft store and whip up a few custom tea towels. click here for the full instructions or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
-derek & lauren


here’s what you’ll need:
-rubber stamp set
-dish towel
-fabric-friendly stamp pad
-paper towels

1. prewash your towels.
2. decide on your arrangement.
3. using the fabric stamp pad, stamp your design onto the towel. (if you decide to use multiple colors for each stamp, be sure to clean the stamps between applications. glass cleaner works great for this.)
4. once ink is dry, heat set with an iron. you may want to place a paper towel between the iron and the ink to avoid getting ink on your iron.



you can use ordinary color for textiles or screenprint color (works best with the ones for for bright textiles) if you apply the color with a small sponge on the stamp


wow! totally cute! wasn’t quite sure how the stamps would work out but now I’m getting a set of my own!! :)


I was thinking of getting a set of these stamps since they’re so cute, but now I know for sure I have to get them. I will be in the shoppe this weekend!


I just completed a kid’s set of tables and chairs that are just painted solid colors (see by clicking on my name). Now this is giving me the idea that I could use stamps to decorate even more. I did have a a plan to mod podge on some kid-friendly images. But stamping may be much easier. How permanent are they though?


As long as you use the appropriate ink or paint for wood and heat set the fabric ink with an iron, the printing should last, no problem!

For the chairs, you could use a brayer to apply latex paint to the stamps instead of using a stamp pad if you prefer.


These are great! and thanks for the fabric friendly ink tip! I see a Saturday morning project coming up.

Elizabeth W

This would be a great project to do with my neices and nephews. They could create their own towels to use during wash-up time – encouring creativity AND cleanliness!


these are super cute and i can’t wait to do them myself. what kind of dishtowel did you use? the ones that look most like them online are called “glass towels”–would that be appropriate?



margo, they look like “flour sack” or muslin dishtowels. you can usually get them at the hardware store (like Ace) in sets of two or three. Wash first.


I made a set of stamped dishtowels for a friend with what I *thought* was the same exact ink you used for these. I heat-set them and sent them to her for a housewarming gift. She loved them but she did tell me that unfortunately, the ink came almost completely off in the wash. I used the ink you linked to…any ideas? Thanks! Love your blog :)


I LOVE this! It makes me think of Max’s sailing boat from “Where The Wild Things Are”. Px


I use the stamp pads Yellow Owl makes and sells along with their stamps. PERFECT! ….and they come in great colors! Have used on towels, baby onesies, fabric I’ve made into pillows, invitations. Lots of possibilities!