diy wednesdays: sixpack caddy

july 4th is right around the corner, which means one thing: barbecue season has begun! so bust out the burgers and tofu dogs and don’t forget to b.y.o.b! at the end of the day you’re certain to have a little sunburn and a lot of empty six-pack holders lying around. with a bit of gift wrap, these simple cardboard constructions can be transformed into super handy condiment and picnic supply caddies for your next shindig. for larger gatherings you can put one on each table, and when summer is over they’ll make great holders for knitting needles, paintbrushes or pens and pencils. just click here for the full project instructions or click “read more” below.

have a safe and fantastic 4th!
-derek & lauren

here’s what you need:
-empty cardboard six-pack holder
-decorative paper such as giftwrap or wallpaper
-rubber cement

1. flatten the cardboard caddy and trace around the shape onto the backside of your paper. Cut out two pieces.


2. apply an even coat of rubber cement to the backside of your paper and the cardboard. let sit for a minute, then smooth paper onto carboard.


3. fill with ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, forks, napkins, etc.!
4. party! party! party!

Julia Crawford

Love it! Not so much the project itself, but the fact that it is an adpative re-use. Gotta have more of these.


I love it too!! What an awesome little 4th of July hostess present.

read me...

LOVE IT!!! we don’t often get these carry cases in the UK though.. oh well. Happy 4th July!


this is fantastic! i love it when you can make something useful and pretty out of everyday throw away objects. the best! thanks for sharing.


granted my friend who is having a BBQ will laugh his ass off at me if I bring this but I have to because it’s so damn cute. thanks!


aww Boontz, my fave item from Mendocino!

cool idea.
with a ‘beer attracts more beer’ mentality over here :)


I heart that paper pattern! can you tell me where to find it or who makes it pretty please ?


Love it! Love the reuse and love the idea. They would make cute favor caddies for any number of parties with coordinating paper, too.

Condo Blues

I use two six pack caddies in the door of my refrigerator to corral our collection of hot sauces and mustards. I also use them in my craft room to store my craft paints.


What a great idea. i think i will do it with Contact paper so it will be waterproof and reusable. thanks!


Why cover them? These carriers have some great pictures. I’d use it all natural