diy idea: bird mobile

a just found out another friend of mine is having a baby so i’ve got nursery decorations on the brain lately (which isn’t helping my baby-crazy-late-20s phase). i saw this fun mobile at spool a while back and have had it bookmarked for ages, hoping i’d find an excuse to make one. and now i have one! you can download the pattern for each fabric bird right here and then pick up some (clean, fallen) twigs from your backyard and use clear fishing wire to hang each bird. it’s a great way to use up leftover fabric (or those super-fun fabric packs from purl) and give a homemade, customized gift. click here for the full post at spool.



LOVE this. thanks!

Also, am in need of some contemporary fabric to make simple curtains that doesn’t cost a fortune – can you recommend any internet vendors? thanks!!


I love this bird mobile! I’m going to attempt one for my neice. Thanks so much.


Yay! I was looking for a cool but different mobile for the nursery!
Thanks for the great tip.


I pulled my hair out trying to make my own similar pattern a few months ago! I see how a few key differences make this one more successful than mine. Can’t wait to get back to making them! Once again Grace has been practically psychic with a post.


I love this! I’ll be linking to this in The Daily DIY today, and making one myself!


I’ve never really commented on anything like this before, but I love this site, and this idea…even to be used simply as a decorative piece.


This is wonderful! I really love mobiles, and I’ve been looking for something to hang over my bed at school next year. This might be it!


If you have more money than craftiness, you I found this mobile at ohmyeye’s Etsy shop for $150! I spent 2 hours this weekend trying to make a decent looking bird pattern ’cause I’m a poor grad student. I’m so excited ’cause this one looks so much better than the one I made!


This is absolutely adorable, and is now at the top of my crafty to-do list! Thanks so much for sharing this.


Just FYI–this is a great project, but not for babies as intended. If the baby were to get hold of it, they could dismantle the mobile, injure themselves with the sticks and possibly die of strangulation.


Good lord- Debbie Downer much? I would think it’s implied that you shouldn’t be hanging this within reach of a baby, but rather a very safe distance above. Why does someone always have to get bent out of shape and super (death!) dramatic when something with the world “child” is posted?



Can anyone point me toward the “fabric packs” from Purl? I’ve tried looking on the website, but I’m just not seeing it. PS: I love this project! Am totally making it!

Jennae @ Green Your Decor

This is an awesome DIY idea, especially considering how much I love birds! This would be awesome in my little girl’s room. But one second thought, she’s at an age when she’d probably — make that definitely — try to pull them down. So I’ll have to find another place for my fine fabric friends if I decide to tackle this project.


Try etsy- for reasonably priced fabrics. Dutch Girl Fabrics has some cute ones.


These birds would make a great x-mas wreath or tree ornaments.

marcia harris

Thank you just made them so quick and easy… I used rice to fill… I couldn’t wait to go to the shop for stuffing supplies tomorrow. worked out great it did make them and nice weighted.


gah! love this! it would be cool to mix it with some different kinds of birds too, like an enamel one, a plastic one, etc.

ella kelly

I’m afraid the link is not working – might be just me but can someone double-check it? Thanks so much!

lisa marie

this is so fantastic, but i too can’t get the link to work…any idea how these finished birds are affixed to the branch/twig? thanks :)


Great idea. The birds tails make me think of bow ties–I bet you could reuse old bow ties to make them!


Does anyone know how these are attached to the sticks? They are so cute but attaching them could be my downfall….


These are just delightful and the PERFECT sized project that I need right now. I”m waffling in hesitation on a commissioned wall hanging and making a few of these would be just the thing to get me going!
I just found this site…wowie what a gem!


I made about ten of these over the weekend and it was such fun. My crafty friend suggested quilting the tails, with some straight lines to create a fan effect and this looked really great. I also sewed sequins for eyes, or swarovski crystal beads. There is plenty of potential to embellish these little birds. Thanks for the pattern! Bridie
ps I’ll be posting some pics on my blog tomorrow.


thanks for this instructional! i love these little birdies; they’d be a great addition to a nursery or even my room! your instructionals are so helpful and lovely!


Adorable and classy at the same time. I am a novice at sewing…but I’m going to try to make one of these for my son’s nursery. The room is blue and brown with sage green accents…so I’ll try to find fabric to match that. Any help on where to find fabrics online? Also, how do you attach the fishing wire to the birds??? Thanks!


I just stumbled on this site and love it. I’ve printed a copy of the pattern and will be making little birds like crazy… What a fantastic way to use up scraps of pretty fabric! I don’t think I’ll make the mobile though – I can think of a few other uses for them.


also, I love your site. it’s beautiful and the colours are great.


Wait…I was able to link to the pattern a few weeks back…but now it doesn’t seem to work??? I never printed the pattern out…so hoping this will be fixed or someone can check it out?



this is a link from someone else’s blog so i’m afraid you’ll need to contact them for information on the pattern. so sorry!



In the instructions for the bird, it says to sew the tail closed… but when I look at your birds, I don’t see where the sew line is! Am I just not seeing it because your stitches are so tiny and perfect? Where is the tail seam?!


How do you attached the birds to the branch?

I can’t wait to do this for a girlfriend of mine having a little girl soon.


I just found this project and would like to start it after the holidays – I’m already looking forward to spring! Do you happen to know the name of the fabric that is red, blue and orange – overlapping dots? Thanks!


I just finished this project for my daughter’s nursery. I used brightly colored felt and it turned out really cute. I sewed the birds onto the branches using fishing wire and a needle. It was a little bit of a challenge to get them all balanced.


I love these mobiles . . . I know this may be against the rules but do you sell completed mobiles or do you know who may?


Hi –

I am looking to buy a completed mobile as well. Any sellers? I am a future-mom-to-be and would appreciate any help!!!



Hey Jacobs said:
Has anyone offered to make you a mobile yet? I’m working on one for a friend at the moment, and then will be putting it up as a custom option in my etsy shop (so people can customize what colors they want). Keep an eye out there if you still need one!

landais muriel

bonjour, j’adore votre mobile avec ces petits oiseaux mais je n’arrive pas à télécharger le PDF pouvez vous m’aider svp. Merci beaucoup Muriel


Love at first sight! Sweet enough for baby, and hip enough for friends. I’ve made two: for the 1st (as adoption present for a 13-yr-old), I painted the branches turquoise for an extra dose of cute, and hot-glued birds to branch… Would recommend sewing, as the weight of the birds pulled the glue away from the branch some. The 2nd I suspended from ribbons b/c it was easier than balancing, tho not as whimsical. Here’s a pic of the 2nd:


magnifique petits oiseaux mais impossibles de les charger!!pouvez vous m’envoyer le patron en piece jointe s’il vous plait
Excusez moi je ne parle pas anglais mais it’s beautiful!! je vais visiter votre site
merci de me répondre
thank you!


Just wanted to say thanx for the post and info. I just found this yesterday and have turned out four birds here and there today due to the snow storm. This project is so whimsical but it’s also the stuff of art galleries. Planning on making a mobile for the corner of the living room for our apartment. Thanks Again!!


can anyone tell me how to finish their tails so they look so neat? i am stuck at how to stich up their tails.


I just finished my birds, haven’t assembled the mobile yet but to avoid hand sewing I did a zig zag stitch on the tails & used pinking sheers to cut the edge.


Awesome! I’m going to make some of these birds for my wedding decor…and maybe put feet on two of them for our cake topper! :D


Im about to start my second Bird mobile using the spool pattern. They are so easy and effective I love them. Thanks


Thank you for the link. The bird-mobile is wonderful … i will make it for spring.



This will go perfect with the dandelion puff and dragonfly theme for our nursery! I can’t wait to start making these adorable birds!


Just finished making my 13th bird. Now to find the perfect branch. I’m attaching mine to a big branch and suspending it over the guest bed with white lights in it. I thought it’d be a nice night light for grandkids or guests.


Can anyone direct me to a new link that would show me the pattern. It seems as though you cant access it from the link. Please and Much thanks (:


Does anyone have the updated link that they can share with the full instructions and bird patterns? I’d love to get started on this ASAP but the links aren’t working anymore…

Thanks so much!

Grace Bonney

Hi Tara

Unfortunately these older posts suffered from a back-end crash we had years ago and some of the files were damaged and lost. I’m so sorry :(



Oh that is so sad Grace, thank you for the reply! If anyone has a bird pattern that would work I would be so grateful for a share! :)

Dianne Henrich

This pattern is just what I am looking for – so cute! For some reason I cannot open the link – can someone help? Very much appreciated!