christina empedocles

hey everybody! since grace is out here this week enjoying our beautiful city, we thought we’d do our best to keep her away from her computer by offering up a couple quick posts of our own. first we’d like to share the work of a favorite local artist of ours, christina empedocles!

we met christina last year when she contributed a piece to a group show we helped organize at the hardware store gallery here in sf. as soon as we saw her work, we were immediately blown away. not only are her paintings flawlessly executed (look how amazingly real the strips of tape look!), but they always contain elements and themes so wonderful and unexpected that we can’t stop thinking about them.

she is right in the middle of installing an amazing mural over at the ucsf campus, entitled “flock” (see in-progress shot below), and we are super excited to be showing new work of hers in the shoppe gallery later this year. in the meantime you can see many wonderful examples of it here.

-derek & lauren



i don’t get it :)
it’s beautiful – wow. how do you make those pretty murals?


Oh! I pass “Flock” many times a week, and it’s been amazing watching it go up. All the tape I’ve seen is real, though :-)
I love it and I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished!

Millie Turner

I am so excited by the progression of the “Flock”! I can’t wait for it to be done. It depicts the energy in the room and is so vibrant. I hope we see more of Ms. Empedocles’ murals around town