blake wright

i love when designers play with everyday objects- this series of ceramic vases was created by dallas-based designer blake wright as part of an exploration of the lifespan of a roll of toilet paper. this funny play on everyday bathroom objects is part of a one-off series by blake is now looking for mass-production possibilities or any companies that might be interested in producing the series. if you’re one of those companies (or just a consumer who’d like to order something custom) click here to shoot blake an email.


Blake- I am SO SO proud to see you on one of my fave blogs!


Haha, adorable. Maybe a little confusing to first-time guests, but they’ll learn to appreciate it, I’m sure.


Most eloquently handled bathroom humor ever. Love design that makes me say “why didn’t I think of that.” Nice job Blake.


that is crazy cute. please let us know when it is available for purchase!!

Amelia Sorensen

Subtly brilliant! I too can not wait for them to go into production.


These would be great in my kids bath…4 boys and nobody can put a new roll on. I love it!


Fantastic! When I first saw them I thought: What next!?! Design Sponge is photographing toilet rolls?!! But no, they are ceramic ones….LOVE IT!


Oh! I love it!!! (In fact, I may even repost this on my own blog – of course giving you credit!!!! That’s how much I love it!)

Martha Gill

this blog is in my bookmarks – i often check for trends…

thrilled to see you and your graphic wit here!


blake you make me laugh a million times over. you should make a book of your stick figures.