Trends: what’s new

by Grace Bonney

“Grey is the new chocolate,” Joan Schnee of Green Paper Company says. Hooray. I’ve been a lifelong fan of grey; our delphine trade show booths this year have been a combo of citron yellow and warm grey.

Photo: fabulous geometric cards with citron hued envelopes in on-trend grey packaging by Orange Beautiful.

Photo: our delphine booth at National Stationery Show used my favorite colors: warm grey and chartreuse.

photo: Green Paper Company is on-trend with shades of grey..

Photo: Michael from Cursive predicts that polar bears will be a big trend this winter. “Grrrr…” Image above shows new holiday ornaments and clock from the Sesame Letterpress. Sesame Letterpress is distributed by Motel Deluxe.

Photo: I wallpapered my bathroom with JOY by Mel Lim wrapping paper and used Mel’s sweet geese wall graphics (manufactured and distributed by BLIK to finish the room. Mel has been repeatedly called a trendsetter, and I agree… she designed this paper in tres chic grey and citron tones in 2006!

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  • I wore a chartreuse empire-waist top with gray pants the other day and my husband looked at me like I was crazy. I LOVED IT and was feeling mighty justified when I saw this post today. :)

  • I love the green paper company papers, but just a note, the link is incorrect.