the shack at hinkle farm

i grew up going to summer camp in west virginia and i have a real soft spot for the state, it’s beautiful rivers and the greatest hotel in the world, the greenbrier (which is a serious festival of dorothy draper inside). so i was psyched to see this cool “shack” that architect jeffery s. broadhurst built for his family in west virginia. accessible only by off-road-vehicle, this small home looks like the perfect place to unplug and fall off the grid for a while. i can imagine driving out there and catching up on some good books and maybe even a little sewing. [via materialicious]


wow, that is such a cute little shack! I could live in there if it had a bigger kitchen! ^__^


How divine! I woul do anything to be there right now! It looks so quirky and peaceful. It makes me happy to think of a family there.


Now THAT’S a summer home. I recently read a NY Times article about how summer homeowners, should update their kitchens with state of the art equipment, furnish the baths with gigantic tubs, flat screen TVs, game rooms, etc., their reasoning being that it would make the renters feel at home. After reading the article, I thought, why not just stay home? This adorable little shack looks like the perfect place to get away from it all. And isn’t a vacation all about slowing down?

Uncle Beefy

Okay, I have a weird thing about tiny houses. I respond to them like a mother to a child. I’d like to pick up this little cutie and hug it and squeeze it!!! And looks like I almost could. Holy pepperoni, I LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for the permasmile, Grace :)


Do they all sleep in one bed? Or perhaps there is a trundle?


Hey, thanks for the link, Grace. I think most of us entertain the idea of having a place to unplug for a while, far from the madding crowd… :)


such perfection. this is what we all need from time to time – a little getaway shack with just the basics. A warm stove, fresh air, and a great view.

plus stacks of good books, of course.


amazingly cool!

but as a resident of the south, how exactly do they deal with mosquitos? especially at night with the lights on…..


Wow. That looks perfect. Anyone know of spaces like that to go on vacation? I can’t build my own, but I’d sure love to borrow one for a week.

Pink Gardenia

Finally, a little love! WV is a beautiful state and this is a fantastic little home!


I’m always taken with the spaces on D*S. This space is truly breath-taking and sublime.


I love this! Cosy but with the view so open and wild, a great way to spend some time away from town. Camping for grown ups. Thanks for this post ; )


wow this is amazing — we’re looking to build a shed this summer — I like this design for the back yard! I only wish I had those amazing views!


i am really feeling the little house vibe and this is so cute – have family in and SW va. and i always imagine a place like this on some gorgeous affordable land…

Condo Blues

I love the juxtaposition of the urban garage door and corrugated metal against the quant country charm of the woodstove.


Another Ghany Girl! I went there for four years and completely loved it. Haven’t thought about that place in such a long time.


oh, this is so lovely. i grew up in WV and seeing those hills makes me so nostalgic…


I love the Ghanny shout out! It makes me think of learning to play the guitar in our tents that were about the same size as this gorgeous little haven!


these folks got it right! off the road, off the beaten path, off grid. in the same way they earned by building it, (no easy task with limited access) one must earn their arrival by working to get there!

Tim McGowan

Absolutely love this shack, mixture of simple materials with the garage door opening to the breathtaking view is terrific, can’t stop looking at it. I will try to duplicate it on my property in north central Pennsylvania overlooking a mountain stream. Thank you for sharing this.