maria gil ulldemolins

when i was a junior in college i studied abroad in london for a summer. i had the brilliant idea to take a series of art classes that were focused on drawing outdoors when clearly a british summer doesn’t allow for much of that. looking back on my rain-filled summer (spent indoors sketching whatever cans, boxes and flowers we could find) i regret not taking advantage of some of the incredible classes that were offered at other universities there- especially central st. martins college. so i was excited to hear from recent central st. martins grad maria gil ulldemolins about the work she just debuted as part of her degree show.

as part of her product design major maria created the beautiful collection of “bloom stools” above. inspired by the idea of craft in the 21st century, maria set out to mix hand-drawn patterns with laser-cutting technology. using sturdy acrylic as her main material, maria created this rainbow of seats that would be perfect for residential or commercial projects.

maria also created this adorable frame for children’s artwork. the roll of paper at the top is attached and you can simply pull a clean patch into place when you’re ready to swap out your drawing. can’t beat that orla kiely paper in the back either. if you’d like to see more of maria’s work (or contact her) just click here.


soo, i love those wire chairss. who makes them and what are they called?? would really love to know! thanks.


That frame/paper combo is incredibly genius — keeps little hands from drawing on the walls too! :)

Anna Dorfman

Deebo, those are Bertoia side chairs from Knoll.

Is that homemade Orla wallpaper? So cute. I like this smaller scale version better than the “official” wallpaper!