knack studios

i always love barb blair’s furniture makeovers at knack studios so i thought her latest piece would be a great way to kick off tgif. i’m not sure which i love more- the new desk (with it’s papered top and drawers), the gorgeous black wire chair or that sunny yellow mirror that’s calling my name…


That wallpapered desk is genius! I’ve just been thinking of a way to revamp a desk in a guest room my parents have asked me to redecorate – solution ahoy! Thank you! Have a good weekend Grace :-)


I found Barb’s site the other day and I am officially in love…I want to be her when I grow up :)

Katie Runnels

Grace! Thank you for introducing us to Knack Studios! I can’t stop gushing about all the Greenville designers on my own blog! Barb has inspired me after a long period of not being quite sure of what exactly I was looking for! xo!

jennifer in sf

Oh my lord, I want that whole situation transported into my apartment.


I love the desk.

It’s a far cry from the monster I sit at for work every day. I wish I could have something so light and airy in my office!!


How pretty! I especially love the knobs…any idea where they’re from?

barb blair/knack studios

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the sweetness!! Thanks so much Grace!!
Rose, the knobs are from a “to the trade” source in New Jersey called A Sanoma Inc. . If wholesale isn’t an option for you Anthropologie has a round black and white one that is very similar!
Greater yesterday, the plants are called club ferns and they look great with everything!! Have an awesome weekend!


thanks so much for the great read…i love your style and ideas…i also took a look at all your advertisers and love the talent i saw. thanks you again….i’ll be back.