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diy wednesdays: woodgrain oilcloth lunchbag

by the curiosity shoppe

recently, we’ve been making an effort to a) pack ourselves delicious lunches, and b) rid our lives of wasteful, disposable plastic bags. we find it’s much easier to accomplish these things when we’ve got a cute and useful alternative. in honor of this week’s wonderful guest bloggers, we thought it would be both fun and oh-so-appropriate to whip up this faux bois oilcloth lunchbag. brown-baggin’ it has never been so fun! click here for the full project or just click “read more” below.

derek & lauren

here’s what you’ll need:

-1/2 yard woodgrain oilcloth (available here)
-sewing machine and thread
-velcro sticky dots

1. cut the oilcloth into 3 panels. one that measures 28″ x 8″, and two that measure 12″ x 5″.

2. fold down the top and bottom short ends of the long piece and stitch it 1/4″ from the edge to create the hem at the top of the bag. create a matching hem at the top of each side panel.

3. with right sides together, place one side panel on top of the large piece. Matching up the tops and the side edge, stitch (with a 1/4″ seam allowance) until you get 1/4″ from the end of the side panel. clip the large piece at a 90 degree angle and rotate the side panel to create the bottom gusset. continue sewing the bottom and up the other side. repeat for opposite side panel.

4. turn bag right side out and topstitch seams.

5. apply velcro sticky dots to create closure.

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