before: courtney’s dining room makeover

courtney at nesting instincts sent over her great diy dining room makeover. her old chairs were in serious need of some love- which was administered courtesy of a coat of shiny silver paint and new fabric from amy butler. combined with new tabletop decorations, they make up courtney’s three part dining room makeover. click here, here and here for courtney’s detailed posts on the project.

[courtney’s mantle reminds me of one of my favorite sneak peeks- andy beers]

Courtney Baker

Oh! Where is the starburst mirror from? Courtney, please do tell (we do have the same name after all, and apparently, very similar taste!)


Ooh! And those plates? Where are they from? I’m on a china kick…


I love all of it, except the shiny paint on the chairs… I actually think the new fabric could have looked nice with the wood, and then the chairs would have matched the table still. (Although I guess she wasn’t a fan of the “matchy-matchy,” hehe, as she put it.)

Love everything else, though!


well i love it – and i love the fact that she just went ahead and did it – i applaud your effort and hope you just love your new space :)


thanks you guys! thanks Grace for posting my before-and-after…I’m honored! The starburst mirror is from Target – it was part of their Global line that is since discontinued. The dishes are the Mist set from Crate & Barrel.