before and after: hilda’s chairs

last but not least for today is a story of two chair makeovers, both courtesy of d*s reader hilda de schutter. the first (above) was born from the following equation: one chair in bad shape + pile of old lace (unused for years) + one crafty woman. the second was inspired by the cover of a calendar on amish quilts. thanks to hilda for sharing!



Hmm, I kind of liked the before on the black and white chair… But the afters are quite cool!


I love the before and afters!! Really there seems to be potential in almost anything.. one just needs to find it :)


I kind of liked the first one before! But agreed, the afters are way-cool as well. Can’t wait to see what chairs are on Design*Chair…I mean Sponge tomorrow.


How did she put the lace pattern on the chair? Is that spray paint? Decoupage? I’d like a how-to so that I can try that myself!


I totally love, love, love both!! The patchwork is really different and really resourcefull- would be so cute in a nursery!


I agree. I like the black and white much better than the patchwork. It’s more sophisticated and versatile.


this is probably one of the best before and afters i’ve seen on here, esp. the lace chair, but i like the other as well. I prefer the patch to the black and white – too much of a reminder of the early 90s – remember that store Venture? Yeah…


hey, thanks for posting my chairs and the comments on it.
I agree that the black and grey chair is nice, but it was worn out and the plastic cover was dirty and sad, you can’t tell on the picture.
the lace on the other chair are real bits of lace, pasted with diluted wood-glue and varnished with a matte finish. try it, it is fun.


wow — i love the lace chair idea! but how did she do it? did she use mod podge or something overtop the lace?

Jennae @ Green Your Decor

I never thought I’d like lace, but that chair has knocked me a bit off-kilter! That is absolutely fabulous! And to see the before…Hilda is one talented lady! A visionary, really.


thank you all for the nice reactions,
correction on the lace chair :
first prepare chair with paint in the color you want (no glossy paint), after drying ‘paint’ with diluted wood glue, after drying paste the lace with strong wallpaper paste avoiding bubbles and making sure every bit is firmly stuck, after drying apply several coats of matte varnish sanding lightly in between layers.
I wish you success


definitely the before’s are better in both cases..if the first one was redone with a walnut finish, it would of been gorgeous and simple…


please post how she got the lace to stick on the chair like that! thanks!


i’m curious about how the lace was applied too!

the patchwork is fantastic! super color combinations and orientation.


really nice the lace chair!
adorable…!!I want to try to do that!
greetz tiz


El antes y el despues….
Una silla en muy mal estado, no utilizada durante varios años, más un montón de encaje antiguo, más una mujer astuta. El resultado impresionante verdad? Estoy convencida que lo podremos lograr!

Sherri SW

OK I LOVE the patchwork chair – just Fabulous !!!

Elissa Fonseca

Now this is talent and the fine art of refurbishing! BRAVO…BRAAVO. Love all of it.