before and after: barbara’s side table

when barb at knack sent over this before & after i instantly took a liking to it because it uses the same snow & graham gift wrap i used to line my dresser drawers (i’m a big fan of using gift wrap as drawer liner). with a little love, a coat of blue paint and some gift wrap to decorate the drawers, this side table definitely got a nice face lift. thanks to barb for sharing!

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does anyone know where those drawer pulls are from?


Sure it’s nice and bright colored now, but I just loved the “before” drawer.. Such a beautiful brown.. oh well ^_^


Gorgeous colours! It looks like the paint has an “antiqued” sort of finish. If so, how did you do that? I’ve tried… and it’s not so good…

barb blair/knack studios

Hey Shannon, glad you like this little guy:) The way I did this finish is to paint the piece with latex, satin paint…… sand a little bit around the edges and then finish it with a coat of minwax stain in special walnut. Paint your stain on with a chip brush and then immediately wipe of with a clean lint free cloth. Have fun with it!


I agree with Kazeme. Love the colors, but I get sad to see real wood covered up. I understand if the wood is in horrible condition or if it’s a cheap MDF piece – but the original piece was gorgeous.

Lynn Gleason

Hi – I was blog browsing and came across yours and was wondering if you have any info about the wooden piece on TOP of the dresser? I have an identical piece and am debating what to do with it and wondered what was done with this one? If you have any info I’d appreciate it. thanks!
Lynn Gleason


This cute little table is going to haunt me in my dreams! I l-o-v-e it!! The blue and the pink look so chic together.


Another beautiful piece of wood painted over! All the artisanship on the face of the table, just covered up.. It makes me cry a little inside.

Lynn Scott

I thank you with the credit crunch you have given me a idear for our summer house that is old and in great need of TLC.Thank’s!!!

Donna @ Rent a Desk

Who said that antiques where the in thing a just love the modern take. Just to wake up something sad looking. Thanks for sharing you fantastic ideas.