before and after: anna’s wing chairs

there are very few things that anna spiro of black & spiro doesn’t do fabulously. i was so thrilled to see these wing chairs she recently had recovered- it’s such a crisp, clean makeover (and a vast improvement on the “before”). she has a few more pieces coming that she kindly offered so share so i’ll have those up soon. in the meantime, these are, as the name of her blog suggests, absolutely beautiful things.


Oh my word, those CANNOT be the same chairs…

I LOVE the white trim on the black. So chic, so classic.

Uncle Beefy

I have a pair of horrific wing chairs that I got for free. But I’ve held on to them because they’ve got good bones. This would be a stellar option for a redo. Now if only I could afford it…wait a second…is that some spare change under that cushion? $.52! Sweet…just a little more ;)


So inspiring! I have a chair that has hideous material but good bones… now I can’t wait to uncover it’s hidden potential. Great post!

Jason Peck

Normally I don’t even look at chairs that are in that shape/style (just personal preference). But Anna has done a superb job with these. They’re still not exactly my thing, but I think they’re growing on me.


Now THAT is a MAKE-OVER!!! Anna, you really have an eye for bringing out good forms.