weekly wrap up + 2008 d*s scholarship voting!

the polls are open and today you can vote for your favorite contestant in the 2008 d*s scholarship! this year’s talent pool was really fantastic so i’ll be featuring some of the incredible designers that we unfortunately couldn’t fit into the final 12. thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to our incredible sponsors this year: 2modern.com, domino magazine, paper studio and set editions. voting will be open through 10pm next thursday so click here to place a vote. to see the finalists again, just follow these links: finalists 1-2, finalists 3-4, finalists 5-6, finalists 7-8, finalists 9-12.

[image above: new gift wrap from whigby]

i’m heading off to pick up some extra camera supplies for the shows this weekend so stay tuned on monday for coverage of this weekend’s shows! it’s going to be a busy 4 days. until then, here is a summary of this week’s highlights:

[top image above: hookmaker from designglut]


Amazing talent! Loving Sharon Levy’s work….especially the Habicat, since I am a cat lover! Good luck all!