transparent house

i’m editing and coding today’s coverage of bklyn designs (which was great this year!) but i wanted to kick things off this morning with this beautiful new concrete flooring from san francisco’s trasnparent house team. because concrete flooring has become popular in modern homes, the transparent house team decided to create an application that would add detail to the flooring without taking away from the simplicity of the style. they’ve created a way to add these soft floral patterns to polished concrete flooring either doing the pouring or after the concrete has set. i don’t know if i’ll ever live in a home with concrete floors but if you have them in your home (or would like to) just click here for more information on the application and to contact the transparent house team. [thanks, kadri and felice!]


How brilliant. It almost makes the floor a feature of art. Beautifully executed in the images shown! I’m interested to see they’re other designs.

Fiona Richards

I really like this. Concrete floors can be a bit dull but this really livens them up and I like the idea of the pattern following the floor plan.


I absolutely LOVE this. I can’t wait to see more images from their website. Truly gorgeous, Grace!


When my parents immigrated here from Vietnam in the late 70s, the government moved us into public housing where there were concrete floors. I never would have imagined this being a fad. I like concrete in moderation, but they are much harder than hardwood, which makes them unsafe for children (my brother still has a protusion on his forehead from the time he fell on the floor) and they are bad for your knees. Concrete provides zero shock absorption. Your knees need a rest when you get home, and concrete should not be the answer.

Andy Mathis

wow. that is fantabulous.

Eventhough, I would worry about growing tired of the pattern or want to change it in 10 years, I would go for those, especially a geometric border one, where I could throw a rug in the middle of the room.


Ravishing! I would love concrete counters like this, too.


i too am impressed by the design…the ability to make something so cold and (generally) gray into a warm and organic masterpiece.


i am confused – this company seems to do “concepts” and architectural “visualizations” – have they actually done any of the installations that appear in the pictures or are these simulations? it is really beautiful but I am a little concerned if they are trying to own an idea that they haven’t really figured out how to execute.