surtex 2008: part two

surtex is always a bit of a mixed bag for me, but i’m always glad that i visited the show when i leave. though the show tends to lean away from the modern look that i prefer in pattern design, there were several booths that had really incredible work this season. if you missed surtex: part one just click here, otherwise read on for the rest of the show. [image above: stationery from nicole larue]

one of my favorites of the show was artist/illustrator nicole larue, who debuted her first collection of stationery and pattern designs at this year’s fair. i love the playful quality of line she has in her work- and the way she plays with bright colors. her stationery was probably my favorite part of the booth, but i’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her pattern work- on paper or cloth- soon. click here for more information on nicole’s work.

the savannah college of art and design booth is always so fun- i loved this hippo print fabric from aly thomure and the beautiful window print from kay wolfersperger.

oh, lilla rogers. how do you describe the lilla rogers booth other than a wonderful explosion of color and pattern? i always love seeing her artists and person and was thrilled to get to meet lilla herself (and her beautiful ring, above) this time. my favorites this year were pattern designs by helen dardik (first image below lilla’s ring), suzy ultman (middle two images), and mike lowery (last image)

joel dewberry was a pleasure to meet and his booth was a beautiful celebration of floral prints and rich colors. it’s always so nice to find out that the person behind the work you love is equally lovely.

we profiled open face sandwich last week but i wanted to add another photo from their booth- their patterns were displayed really beautifully on the back wall of their booth. click here for more on open face sandwich.


I recently met Joel Dewberry at he International Quilt Market and I couldn’t agree more. He is the nicest guy and such an inspiration to all of us creative types!


Nicole’s work is incredible! I’ve been a fan for a while now!! So beautiful!

Mary Peyton

I also met Joel at the recent Quilt Market in Portland and he really is friendly and gracious! Same for all the other designers. It’s so much fun to meet the people behind the prints!


Where can we get Mike Lowery’s counting print?


Surtex 2008 looks like it was amazing. Thanks for sharing all these yummy sneak peeks. Pop on over to my blog if you’d like to see some things I’ve created with Joel Dewberry’s newest fabric design releases from International Quilt Market. I agree 100%-he is the nicest person imaginable and I really enjoy working with him. Love your blog!


Great recap of the shows! I just got back and I am feeling so inspired, I think a combo of the shows and being in the city! Nicole Larue has a wonderful style and is very talented!


Where is that gorgeous ring from? Who designed that? Love it!

Amy Sample Ward

I found your blog by doing a ‘three links out’ exercise for the 31 day comment challenge. I had no idea what I would find as I clicked on that random third link but am SO thrilled to have found you! I’m a crafter at heart and am so excited to share your blog with many friends. Thanks for existing in this ‘small world’ it seems we have called the internet! haha :)