sneak peek: robin lester


Robin Lester of Clinton Hill Blog knew what she wanted – a simple, warm oasis with a Danish Modern vibe – when it came to her home, but “putting them all together in a room has always been a challenge for me.” So that’s when she called in the experts, Russell and Carl at RePop in Brooklyn. Robin was thrilled with the result, and if the images below aren’t proof enough, you can check out more great images here. And, as always, you can click here to see all the sneak peeks. [Thanks, Robin!] -anne

[Above: The kitchen nicely ties in the yellow pattern on my new vintage wallpaper (also from RePop). As a writer, I decided to display my mother’s old typewriter as a kind of art piece.]

I LOVE this little nook they created. The brown pillow was a purchase from a small store in Berlin, Germany. The pattern is based on old East German architecture.

I’ve been arranging my book by color, and try to accentuate with a few similarly colored crafty items. With a growing collection of books (I’m finishing an MA degree in Sociology!), I’m desperate for a new shelving solution.

I was able to incorporate a few small meaningful things in the bedroom, including a hand-carved and painted wooden plate from Krakow, Poland, and a few small natural mementos. My cat, Cleo, a rescue from the streets of South Slope, Brooklyn, loves the new bedding.

Strangely enough, I never thought I liked the color yellow very much. Yet somehow, it’s made its way into much of my apartment! I went with a deep citrus yellow in the kitchen (accentuated with a colorful bowl of fruit and one of my design*sponge store purchases!) and just brought in several small succulents from Sprout Home in Williamsburg. . . Now that I think about it, my sofa is also from R+B! What can I say? They have a great selection and great customer service. Marshmallow, my deaf chihuahua mix rescue likes it, too :)

Bird whistle from Krakow, Poland.


She has some great pieces! I feel like I could move right in. :) I also have a typewriter on display and my books arranged by color.


I know this is a weird comment, but… does that cat look photoshopped to anyone else??


What a beautiful home! I love everything about it. The light, the light–ahhh. And I think that’s just the cat’s natural pattern! He/she fits right in with the flocked wallpaper and warm wood tones.


oh the suspense! let’s have the scholarship winners! i’m so excited to find out!


I love that bookshelf!! Hmm, I never thought of organizing my books by color for the visual potential…

Belinda Kemp

beautiful space and colours {i feel the same way about yellow}.
AND i spotted the joyce carol oates! one of my favourite authors :)


That’s a great bookshelf! Any info on where it’s from? I’m looking for a shelf to use as a little room divider and that looks perfect!


My mother has some of those Polish wooden plates hanging up in her house. It’s funny how sometimes some of the design elements of your parents don’t come into your awareness until someone else tries it out ;) Thanks for reminding me!


Hi all- thanks for the great comments! (The cat is not photoshopped, btw.)

The bookshelf is from West Elm, but I think it was discontinued. I found it on sale on their website about a year and a half ago.

Lorenka- my elderly aunts have the Polish plates, too. Once I went to Krakow myself, I decided to carry on the tradition :)


The flickr link is a bad link. Can you fix it? I’m really inspired and want to see more!