sneak peek: pia’s houseboat


a couple weeks ago we all feel in love with pia’s apartment transformation. but today designer/stylist/blogger pia jane bijkerk – who lives between paris, sydney and amsterdam (what a life!) – shares her amsterdam houseboat with us. read on for more about her quaint home on the canal in her own words, and click here for more full-sized images. [thanks, pia!]-anne

Welcome to my home. It’s a little different to some… mind your step as you jump on board… Nestled under chestnut trees on one of Amsterdam’s beautiful canals is where you will find my home.

It’s an old Dutch shipping boat that has been renovated and fitted out for comfortable living. This is where I live, work, and relax…

It’s not so big – it’s like a large studio flat, the bedroom is separated by a screen and the kitchen is on a little mezzanine level which you walk into from the bridge.

What i love most about my new home is the light. The sun bounces off the water and throws beautiful reflections on the ceiling. It dances, and I love dancing light.

It fits everything I need – my piano, books, books and books…

and in the morning, we wake up to singing birds and splashing ducks, even though we live in the middle of the city. Amsterdam is quite something – it can be bustling in some parts and like a small village in others. The best and funniest part about the boat is the bathroom – it has a gorgeous pothole to view the canal while you shower. There is no bath which is the only downside.

Thanks for stopping by! You are welcome back anytime.


the pangs of jealousy are knocking hard! how amazing to have a houseboat in amsterdam. i am truly jealous, and in awe!


The Flickr page with additional photos appears to be password protected. I’d love to see more!

Kelly Stewart

This little floating home is great!What a treat it must be to come home,after being on the road for days.

Adrienne Breaux

House boats! Oh my secret desire! They’re something so kooky and charming about living on a continuously floating house. And she’s right about the dancing light. How magical that must be!


Meredith Cutler

*Gush* Pia’s houseboat is my utter dream…I want to print out the photos and tack them to a wall so I can gaze at them daily and dream that someday we can live on a houseboat in a peaceful country (and one as lovely!)


Yes, please let us see the extra Flickr photos by making them public!!


Aw – what a beautiful boat. My brother lives in Amsterdam, and every time I go to visit, I wander dreaming by the canals. Beautiful blog, by the way – yummy, yummy pictures! Think I’ll hang out here once in a while! :)


What exactly do I need to do in this life, to be able to come back and live like this, in the next one? People actually get to live like this?

I’m green.


thank you anne and grace, and i’m so glad you all like the houseboat. it is certainly a different life, one i never dreamed of, i highly recommend living on a houseboat if you feel the urge! Jo and Amber, I will post more photos today on my blog for you. px


this is amazing – not what I have in mind when I think “houseboat”. Makes me consider moving off of dry land and to save some dough on real estate.


Such a lovely home! We’re Americans living in The Hague and I was wondering if you ever rent it out for the weekend. If not, do you know of another house boat owner who might?


Maryellen, we don’t rent it out for weekends but if you look up ‘houseboats amsterdam’ on the internet you will find some that are b&b’s and houseboat hotels that are available for weekends. px


I’m re-making my New Year’s resolution right now! Henceforth I am seeking friendships with those who own houseboats! :) I love your design. Proof positive that a little space can go a long way!


I know it’s not the same as owning /designing and decorating your own houseboat, but you can get a taste of the experience and luxury just by renting a houseboat. Many lakes in the U.S. have luxury rentals available at affordable prices.


What is that wallpaper on the first photo? I noticed it in your apartment reno as well.


oh G, sorry for my delayed response to your above question! the wallpaper is from Habitat, in Paris. Yes you are right – I used it in the paris apartment kitchen too. I really love it!


lovely, lovely, lovely…. what a stunning place to be able to call home.
you are a very talented and lucky lady and your expression has truly brightened my day!
everything here and on your blog really resonated with me. thank you Pia.


oh my goodness. i didnt think that this is what they looked like inside ! WONDERFUL ! love it !