sneak peek: johanna clark

today we have a special mid-week sneak peek that belongs to aspiring home decorator and d*s reader johanna clark of philadelphia. johanna completely renovated and decorated her home on a “shoestring” budget in only 4 months- while pregnant (i’d love to grab those dining room chairs- they’re fantastic)! joanna shares her notes below but as always you can click here for full-sized and additional photos of johanna’s philadelphia home. [thanks johanna!]

[we made the table using legs from ikea (that is audrey hard at work)]

[image above: Ikea chairs with cushions I made with fabric from 4th Street in Philly and that mirror was 50$ at a junk shop. The teak table and bench were bought at an outdoor furniture store here in Philly. The lamp is the west elm model that everyone bought ….you can see the credenza and desk area in the background]

[image above: more thrift store finds….and silkscreen photos done by a friend. The suitcases were used by husbands grandfather who was a traveling lingerie salesman]

[this bedroom set was $350 from a thrift store. The bed lights up underneath the platform and the headboard.]

[glass tile for 2.19 a sq yd from Hakatai tile]


Joanna, can you tell me about the black chair and ottoman? Thanks!


What? When you found that bedroom set, did you drop to your knees and thank the thrift store gods! It’s fantastic! Bright, clean, hip, fun, practical home – love it! And the next generation is hard at work, creating! ;)


Such a lovely home. Can I ask where the bicycle print in the second photo is from…my husband would love it.
Thanks- A.


I just bought the same pattern of Hakatai tile for my kitchen backsplash. It’s great to see it up! Now if I can just get my kitchen done…


What an inspiration! You make it look so easy…


Can you tell us more about the “silkscreen photos done by a friend?”


I love the suitcases and the color tags….it’s great! I love your blog! Thanks

mrs. french

Oh how I wish I would’ve had access to this sneak peek yesterday. I posted many of your others on my blog.

johanna clark

Thank you for all the complimentsI would be happy to answer any and all questions please contact me at The link to my website was misprinted. Thanks!


So beautiful. Simple, but crafty with so many personal touches without being cluttered.

How do you know when to stop?


Johanna, I love your kitchen (saw it with the flickr photos) – you have a great eye. I need to get you down to GA to help me with my house.

gloria neiman

I love the hakatai glass tile in your
bathroom. I have some tile samples
from that company. Did you do
the tile work yourself?

gloria neiman

Can you remove my last name
from my message? Also
The h in hakatai should be uppercase


another talented submission. Not too many accessories here too, which is great, considering the moderist influences (Eames chair, and 50’s sideboard). The linear forms are balanced with organic forms, that make this sneak peek submission look very polished, grounded and cohesive.


You said you got your Hakatai blend tile for $2.19 a sq yd… is that correct? Even at $2.19 a sq FT it would be a steal given their current prices of ~$3.75 a sq ft! Where did you get your tile?