rug roundup part two: patterned rugs (part 2)

today’s guide is the second half of our patterned rug roundup. last week i posted part one, which was only a small portion of the rug guides i’ll be posting over the next week or two. so far we’ve posted runners and patterned rugs part one so i hope you’ll enjoy patterned rugs part two and stay tuned for basic/solid-colored rugs next tuesday!

[image above, clockwise from top left: unni rug $19.99, talitha rug by madeline weinrib at abc home, alvine rug $129, lovebirds rug $270+, dwell studio rug $75]

[image above, clockwise from top left: nelumbo rug $75+, richard nixon rug $600, delos rug $799, wonder wool rug $310+, flock rug $150]

[image above, clockwise from top left: palm rug $1800, suzanne rug by madeline weinrib, marrakesh rug $895, bloomery rug $439, optics floormat $76]

[image above, left to right: feather rug $270+, delos icon rug $379+, emma gardner ‘flowers on water’ rug, giraffe rug $295+]

[image above, clockwise from top left: angela adams birch rug $349, carousel rug $1800, martha stewart journey rug $420+, pieter van tuyl rug $7500 (splurge!), liam celery rug by madeline weinrib]

[image above, clockwise from top left: rug by amy helfand, kenga rug $349+, ranunculus rug $309+, emma red and zig zag (red and white) by madeline weinrib, hedda rug $249]

[image above, clockwise from top left: mini lulu rug $54, pat nixon rug $600, coqo rug $78+, morocco rug $249+, fuller rug by peace industry $2020, dwell studio striped rug $79.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: lace flower rug $450+, spray rug by emma gardner $4950+, pixel crewel rug $295+, vintage lace rug by georgia chapman]


Great selection of rugs! The layout is so attractive, I want to print it out and frame it as a collage!


AHHH! I am so in the market for rugs right now!!! And I LOVE all of these!! I’m going to check out those links immediately. Thank you!


Great selection! I just purchased the Thomas Paul plum feather rug for my office in a 10 X 12. I must say, it looks great in person!!


I love your rug series! There’s so many options in one place…it’s great. I’m glad you showed cb2’s moroccan b&w rug, it’s been one of my fevorites for a long time!!


can you give any advice on how to pick out a rug?


Sorry if this is the question of the hour, but any news on the scholarship yet? :)



i’ve emailed half the applicants so far- there were over 2,000 so it’s taking me a while to get through them all.

the finalists will be up friday.



hi grace…..great roundup!

off the topic a little… but would you happen to know a good source for fabric in some of the herringbone/ ikat/ stripes similar in style and color to the rugs featured here? i’m looking for making curatins/ drapes.



Great selection! I read on 1st dibs you were going to have an upcoming biz meetup in Austin. Has a date been set for that yet?


not yet- i’m going to try to get down this summer or very early fall :)



I loved the Georgia Chapman rugs! Is there anywhere to order her rugs from the U.S since she is based in Australia?