quattro millimetri

i’ve been window-shopping for a new work surface for the past month or so. i don’t have room for a full work table in my home office, but i’m dreaming of the day when i do. when that day comes i’m hoping i will have saved up enough for this gorgeous new table from studiocharlie. their quattro millimetri table for boffi (printed on flat-pak 4mm-thick steel) is my favorite color-of-the-moment: yellow. i’d love to pair this with a mix of vintage wooden chairs and invite the rest of the d*s team over for coffee. ah, to dream. until then, you can find more information on studiocharlie’s quattro millimetri table right here.

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I just painted my dining room 1940’s vintage table this EXACT color. This post has validated my bold choice. ha. Now do I paint the chairs ivory or navy?