icff pre-show coverage: thomas paul

thomas paul is launching a lovely new collection of lighting and rounded rugs at this year’s icff- here is a little sneak peek of what’s to come next week….

Lena Zhichkina

These are fabulous! I would even hang some on my walls if I could! :)


Not only are these gorgeous as rugs, but if they were mousepads (which at first glance I thought they were) I would buy every single one of them!


the first thing I thought when I saw these was:

i wonder why


Does anyone know when these will be available for purchase?


i own the brown damask, and it is stunning. thomaspaul designs are gorgeous, and the quality is soooooo good. i have never seen or felt a tufted pile rug this good.

needless to say, i want one of the rounds now.


ooooh i am so lucky i can’t afford these :P the bird and brown one is absolutely my favourite. and the yellow daisy one would so sooooo beautifully in my study.!

thanks, grace!