before and after: sarah’s home

today’s last before & after belongs to photographer and vegan cookbook superstar sarah kramer. sarah has done a number on her once-traditional home, updating it with fantastic vintage furniture and a wall full of one of my favorite all-time wallpaper prints. i hope you’ll enjoy the checking out the results of sarah’s before & after home makeover as much as i did. if you’d like to see additional, full-sized photos of sarah’s before & after home, click here. thanks so much to sarah for sharing!

[image above: dining room “before”; top image above intro is sarah’s dining room “after”]

[image above: hallway “before”]

[image above: hallway “after”]

[image above: living room “before”]

[image above: living room “after”]


Whoa! I’ve never seen a turntable like that – anyone know anything about it?


Please please please tell me what sort of table that is, where the chairs fit in perfectly. It is WONDERFUL!


Wow! What a change. A lot of the spaces we see on here show gradual or predictable changes where people add to or improve a small aspect of their environment. It’s nice to see a complete overhaul because it shows that a stark difference is sometimes the thing most called for. Great job!


I love this house sooo much! from the beautiful color conbos, to the vintag touches, to that blue velvet poster in the living room, its gorgeous. this is a gal after my own heart!!!

Ellen Crimi-Trent

who knew velvet paintings would look so well in a modern hip space and I just love the contrast of the two styles!! I think its so funny to see how we all are so incredibly different.


Hi Everyone.
To answer some of your questions …

The record player is a electrohome bubble record player. I believe they were only sold in Canada. If you do a quick google search they are always some up for grabs.

The dining table is a 60’s design. Hans Olsen by Frem Røjle

If you stop by the flicker page:
I explain some of the finer details of the house.

So happy you all like it! :)


WOW what an amazing change. I need someone to come do that to my place.


Wow, I love the “after” photos but, above all, it’s astounding to see the transformation! Congratulations!


I LOVE the credenza that the TV sits on….


did you get hit by lightning? i mean that in the kindest way, because the before and after pics look like the homes of two TOTALLY different people. i love the new you!


I LOVE That lamp! Where can I get one, too?

Thanks! & AWESOME accomplishment!


Possibly my dream house?? no, no, definitely. I would love love love to do that to my boring place….so beautiful.


Lulu … the ‘before’ photos were of the house before we bought it. There was a 89 year old woman living here before us. *laugh*

Heather… the lamp was a thrift store score and is one of my most treasured items.


This is amazing. I’m glad you posted this, D*S, because often I look at the “sneak peaks” and I think, “sure, I’d have an amazing house, too if *I* had built-in bookshelves and fabulous molding around my fireplace and exposed rafters. One request: can you find someone who has done something innovative with neutral, wall-to-wall carpeting? I *love* the hardwood floors that show up in all of these homes, but they are beyond my budget at the moment. Please give me reason to believe that all is not lost!!

Lisa Grover

looks great Sarah you did a fantastic job!! Congrats


Great job sarah!

I love how you made the house unrecognizable and totally you

it looks as if you’ve lived there for years- congrats!

Katherine aka. Urban Flea

Wow!!! What an incredible transformation!!!! Serious props for this! And hey everybody, don’t forget to enter Urban Flea’s weekly contest; this time, it’s beds! So check it out, and keep spreading that sweet Urban Flea gospel!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)


I adore that photo of the pouting girl in the hallway (after)!!

I was going to ask if it was you, Sarah, but I just looked at your Flickr page, and found that it is :) What a brilliant idea.


Sorry to sound a little negative amongst this concertos of “ooos” and “aaas”. This is not a makeover, whats the point of having the “before” pictures, since you are just removing everything and replacing it with your own. Sorry but there is no real design approach here, you simple took a box and filled it with your furnitures…
had you done something with the existing furniture, now that would have been a tour de force….

Holy Vataha

I can not contain my love for before and after pictures.

We’re looking for a house right now…and I’m really excited about being able to post before&after pics…it will be a little bit before we get to that stage…but stay tuned! haha

Btw, that standing record player rocks!


looks like she changed out the flooring and the wallpaper. i’m not a professional designer, but to me those changes are a tour de force.


Love it! And this is a rather funny coincidence: the wallpaper in the diningroom “after” photo… Mum and Dad have that exact wallpaper in their bedroom :)


Wow! So amazing. Love the floors and use of colours! Also amazing art collection.

design snob

The minty green paint color is so nice! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint, eclectic artwork, and some cool mid-century modern furniture can do for a space. Love it!


Love it! Would you share your wallpaper source? Thanks!

The Sale Rack

i love the dining table. over the weekend i saw a coffee table with the same concept–with stools. very cool.


It is absolutely different from what it was. The question is… Is it better?