before and after: jessica’s chair

designer jessica moss’ parents got this chair as a wedding gift over thirty years ago. it moved from room to room in their house until finally it became an ‘outdated reject’. jennifer decided to give it a face lift last week with some fantastic fabric from ikea (i love those patterns) and voila- instant upgrade. this makes me want to finally check off “learn how to sew” from my things-to-do-one-day list. [thanks, jessica!]

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I used this exact same fabric to reupholster my couch, though I didn’t have it in me to do all that piping! Great job!


i actually just redid livingroom pillows in that fabric too

steve on bass

jessica moss is a genius! I love it!

Meredith @ Studio Debris

Oh, I saw that fabric at IKEA this weekend – it’s super-freaky! I kept thinking “what would something look like in this?” Now I have a point of reference (pod-tastic).


You did a fantastic job! It looks so good! What do you think your a professional or something?


I’m in love with this chair! I love how the cushion is in a different pattern, so lovely.