2008 Scholarship Finalists: Finalists 7-8

[finalist #7: meg boling]

-meg is a senior at the university of georgia
-click here for more of meg’s work
-click here to vote for meg boling (voting will open at 1pm)


[finalist #8: jamie karoses]

-jamie is a senior studying graphic design and print making at the university of wisconsin stevens point
-click here and here for more of jamie’s work
-click here to vote for jamie karoses (voting will open at 1pm)


Wonderful, creative ideas and applications. Talent plus!


Can you please say 1pm and WHICH TIME ZONE? Thanks.


Both of these are gorgeous; I found it really worthwhile to look further at each because they both have so much more beautiful work.

Not meaning to split hairs, but it’s hard to tell – is meg leigh = megan boling of brown parcel press? Just hard to know what is her work and want to judge fairly!

It is tough to decide, and we’ve only got 11 – hard to imagine how overwhelming it would be to sift through 2,000 entries – whoa!


Love Jamie’s hand drawn typography – great incorporation into her illustrations and pieces. Really worth following the link and looking at more of her work! Just gorgeous.


This work exemplifies an extreme variety of talent. Wonderful presentation and truly deserves recognition for all the hard work!


Jamie, your work is super inspirational for a fellow designer who is also into various mediums. keep up the work! you have my vote!

Margot Ecke

I am very familiar with Megan’s work. Not only is she an excellent designer and book artist, but she is also an exceptional printer. These pieces are beautifully printed and simply glow in person.

Megan Gussick

Jamie K!!! You are so amazing! I knew you had something up your artistic sleeve when we were growing up! Glad to see that you are getting recognized for it!


Jamie’s work is brilliant and absolutely beautiful!