2008 Scholarship Finalists: Finalists 5-6

[finalist #5: julia bonnell]

-julia is a sophomore studying furniture design at the sheridan institute
-click here to view more of julia’s work
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[finalist #6: katie jung]

-katie is a senior at concordia university (the images above are her weavings)
-click here to view more of katie’s work
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katie- i really enjoy your weavings. as a textiles major i really appreciate your work and aesthetic!


Your weavings are amazing!! Great colors and subject matter. So great!

Kelly Stewart

Wow,love your weavings!As a rug weaver I can really appreciate all the hours you must put into your work,very nice!


I was about to vote for the furniture and then i saw your weavings–where do we go to buy? they’re perfect….


Julia’s work is well designed and beautifully crafted. Her attention to detail and mastery of joinery is typical of woodworkers with decades of experience.


Katie, I am so impressed — your work is fabulous and so unique. I concur with a number of the other comments/questions — where would I go to get one?


these photos does not do katie’s weavings justice. i had the please of seeing them in person at a show in montreal. they are beautiful.

Daniel Nesseler

Katie, your textiles are beautiful. amazing work!

Hollie Dzama

I’m so proud of both of you! You have been making such beautiful work together!