2008 Scholarship Finalists: Finalists 3-4

[finalist #3: chris wronski]

-chris is a freshman studying industrial design at the savannah college of art and design
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[finalist #4: talia bromstad]

-talia is a junior studying printmaking and book arts at the university of georgia
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I studied book arts briefly years ago so had to take a look at Talia’s site – truly wonderful stuff! So inspiring I feel like running out to a craft supply store and taking up bookbinding again as a hobby. It’s great to read the stories behind each piece of work too – I especially love the concept behind the Mum’s Closet book.


Oh, I love Chris’s clocks and the Nimrod’s Guide. Light, fun design.


Can someone please tell me where to buy the bird light!!!? I am crazy for it and dream of the day it’s connected to my laptop. (It’s just a sample, isn’t it?) :(

Kate Bingaman-Burt

I had the pleasure of having a crit with talia while I was a visiting artist at the university of georgia this spring and her work is even more fabulous in real life! way to go!

Margot Ecke

Artists’ books are always very difficult to showcase and pictures just don’t do Talia’s work justice. I am familiar with her work in person and the pieces are really fun, thoughtful, and truly engaging.

Nancy Kolquit

I love Talia’s art. I found the books in particular to be extremely creative. Especially the one of her grandmother. She has even written and release a CD. She’s amazing!

Eric Lotzer

As one of Talia’s peers, I am not surprised that she is one of the finalists. I have loved her work for awhile now. Everyone should take a look on her website to see more work.