2008 Scholarship Finalists: Finalists 1-2

sifting through nearly 2,000 applicants for this year’s scholarship was a herculean task. i was completely bowled over by the talent and thoughtfulness of each applicant. to narrow this group down to a top eleven twelve would only have been possible with the help and input of our judging panel: the d*s staff (contributing writers and ad team) and this year’s scholarship sponsors: domino magazine, 2modern, and paper studio. we narrowed it to a top ten and i had to add one two more candidate that i felt really deserved to be in the final round. 2 finalists will be introduced every hour until 1pm, at which point the voting survey will become active and votes will be recorded. voting will continue until 10pm next thursday, may 22. and our winners will be announced the next day, friday may 23. and now, for our first two finalists- drumroll please…..

[finalist #1: chelsea walkenhorst]

-chelsea is a junior studying interior design at utah state university
-click here to view more of chelsea’s work.
-click here to vote for chelsea walkenhorst (voting will open at 1pm)

[finalist #2: yeawon kim]

-yaewon is a senior studying textile design at the ontario college of art & design
-click here to view more of yaewon’s work.
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Drew Shiel

You don’t make it easy, do you? On the one hand, illustrations, and on the other, pattern. Tough choice, but 1pm your time is still some time away for me.

Ken Vickerson

Yeawon was one of my students at OCAD. Her work was always beautifully conceived and executed. Her “blood cell’ installation was one of the highlights of this years annual grad exhibition. Yaewon-YOU ROCK!!


Love ur art!! it looks like the traditional
Korean paint!! Great art and so proud of it…


I love your work!such a beautiful piece!just loved it!good job!


OMG!! I am so touched by her works.. I really enjoyed her details and decorations..!!
The color combinations are so superb! I allow that she is a genius!!

Vivian Lee

I’ve seen your other works but this one is definately my favorite! I really like the harmony of the translucent drawing and the vividly colored birds. It reminds me of a pleasent combination of Asia and Western. All together it gives the sense of spaciousness, puritiy and coziness.

Steve B.

I have to say that I love the elegant yet energetic patterns. Nice emphasis expressed by contrasting dimensions. Very nice.


Good job! Very delicate and elegant! Just mind-blowing!

Krystal Speck

I’m thrilled to see Yaewon’s work featured here! Yaewon was my studio mate at OCAD, and her work has always been amazingly executed, but most of all simply beautiful. Good luck Yaewon!


I love your details and pattenrs!my favorite is also the ‘invisible world’!beautiful!


good work~!
very calm and peaceful pattern!
love it

Young eun Choi

It is just beautiful!! my friend~
I am so proud of you.
Good luck~!!

Woong Sup

So beautiful piece !
This is the best work I’ve seen before. Good job ! !

James K

Love her work.
every pieces explain her passion in to it.
This is ART


Chelsea. I absolutly love your work. I want to pull up a chair and live in your drawings.


While I enjoyed Finalist #1’s renderings, I feel there is a lack of texture, color sophistication, and imagination. Finalist #2 fo so!