weekly wrap up + brooklyn flea

it’s been a nutty week here at d*s- the first half of the week was spent in sunny los angeles and still feels like a dream. i got to see so many incredible places and meet so many fantastic people- i just want to thank everyone again who came out to the biz ladies meetup- it was such a treat to meet so many talented women. also, if you attended the biz ladies meetup and would like a free listing on delightfulblogs, just click here and indicate that you attended the meetup this week (skip the paypal payment)- lynda at delightful blogs offered a free listing to those who attended the meetup and have been blogging for at least three months. in other news, there’s another brooklyn flea this weekend so i hope to see you all there! the vendors will be fantastic and i’ll be there enjoying mini-cupcakes in the d*s collective section. hope to see you in ft. greene! until then, here’s a summary of this week’s highlights [images above and below by molly at chairloom]:


Who makes that gorgeous pink chevron fabric in the first picture? I can’t find it on her site. I must have it!

Molly Worth of Chairloom

Michelle Adam’s new company Rubie Green makes this fabric called “East Village”. It’s eco friendly!! $625 each. The bottom pair is upholstered in tote bag remnants from Virginia Johnson! $925 each. They’ll be at the Brooklyn Flea for sale this Sunday!

Molly Worth of Chairloom

1. pair of carved antique chairs with Rubie Green’s “East Village” fabric. Eco friendly. $625 each

2. pair of small scale antique chairs with Virginia Johnson’s tote bag remnants fabric w/ many many nails! $925 each.

Octavine Illustration

the dark pink/red? and white striped chairs a simply gorgeous. i especially love the contrast of the rococo detailing with the fabric pattern. such a treat for the idea.

Linda Lum DeBono

I love the chairs! I bought 6 chairs and a painting for $54 on Friday. I’ve already upholstered 2 of them. Your site is inspiring!

michelle adams

What a treat to stop by and find my fabric featured!! Thank you SO MUCH Grace, and Molly! Molly- your chairs are GORGEOUS and it was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person today! Thanks again :)


ooh, i’ve never seen virginia johnson fabric on upholstery. nice work!